It’s Still the Crust (Top Road Tavern and Pizza)

Top Road Tavern & Pizza 1042 Brunswick Avenue, Trenton (609) 393-5911
(Directions) John make pies Tuesday through Saturday

A real Trenton tomato pie needs to be crisp (even in the center) without tasting like cardboard.  It differs in this respect from most “thin crust” pizza, which is most likely gluey in the center.  John, a pieman who returned recently to Top Road from retirement, is a master at achieving the perfect tomato pie crust.  He’s perhaps not quite as obsessive as DeLorenzo’s, but he’s good.  Really good.

Ingredients aren’t quite to the standard of the other premium tomato pie vendors in town: Papa’s, DeLorenzo’s, or Dominicks. The sausage, cheese, and sauce are OK but, for example, Top Road serves canned mushrooms, which are a real downer to those of us who love mushrooms on our pies. Nevertheless, the rest of the pie is good enough that I would suggest skipping the mushrooms.

The Tavern itself seems to have been last remodeled in the early 1950s. If you’re a baby boomer, it will remind you of the old-fashioned places your parents dragged you to as a child. If you’re Gen X or younger, it will seem quaint. The left side of the Tavern is the restaurant, the right side is a bar frequented by a clientele of a certain age. People are quite friendly, and you can get a pitcher of beer (or any bar drink, for that matter) with your pie.

John works Tuesday to Saturday. Word is that the quality of the pies declines marketly on the other nights.  The Brunswick Avenue location is in the heart of Trenton’s Little Poland district, so you might want to show up early and wander around before dining.

3 Responses to It’s Still the Crust (Top Road Tavern and Pizza)

  • Tibor says:

    Thank you for reviewing my favorite tomato pie place in Trenton. It is a very fair review.

  • Ted says:

    I’ve had the pizza here and it’s NOT great – the review is accurate as far as the ingredients go but the crust doesn’t really do much to save it. In fact the pie was almost mushy and not too flavorful. This isn’t a bad place to grab a few beers – in fact I suspect the people who have given this better reviews were probably tanked after taking advantage of some of the drink specials here – but the pizza is below average and shouldn’t be called ‘a real Trenton tomato pie.’

  • Kurt says:

    I was very disappointed in this place- and the website for recommending it- apart from the beautiful Galician bartender there was little charm to the place and the Pizza was downright awful- one of the worst I’ve had since moving here 10 years ago.
    Editor’s Comment: Were you there when John was making them? I just checked (July 2011) and he still is working there Tuesday-Saturday.

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