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Paradise Indian Restaurant 3800 Quakerbridge Road, Hamilton (609) 586-9119
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Just down the road from Palace of Asia, is Paradise Indian Restaurant, which opened up in the summer of 2009.  It replaced Vasanta Bhavan, a south Indian vegetarian joint which I liked a lot (alas, it is no more).  Paradise specializes in the vegetarian and non-vegetarian cooking of Hyberdad and Bangalore, and is one of 4 restaurants under the same ownership in NJ.  All meat served on the premises is Hallal, which guarantees a significant clientele of devout Muslims.

Paradise Restaurant

The food is extremely good, and quite reasonably priced, especially for lunch (the buffet, which provides ample selection for what is actually a fairly small restaurant, is only $7.99, though I would expect that to go up once the restaurant is more established).

Specialty of the house are biriyanis, preparations of rice with vegetables and/or meat, cooked together.  Personally, not my favorite Indian dishes, but I have to confess that Paradise does them quite well.

Paradise is located in the strip mall next to WaWa, and looks like it inside and out.

When I went back to Paradise last Friday lunchtime for a last, pre-review sampling, every table was full, and there was a line out the door, mostly south Asian men, dressed suspiciously like software engineers.  I took that as a good enough sign and skipped off to re-sample Palace of Asia, which is reviewed separately.

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