A Walk Along the Levees (Trenton-Morrisville Walk)

Trenton-Morrisville Walk

It’s the weekend, and you’ve been sitting like a slug for too long. You want a walk in the country, but your mother-in-law is coming over for dinner, and you’ve really only got an hour. What can you do? Walk the Levees!

This is actually one of the nicest urban walks you can imagine (except for a little stretch through the the Kafka-esque surface parking lots for State workers). It’s about 2.7 miles, and for most of it you can look out on the Delaware River. You will cross two bridges, and check out some of the best sights Trenton has to offer, including the Capitol, the Old Barracks, the downtown revival on Warren Street, and much more.


Even the dreary surface lots have some use: if you come on the weekend, or after work hours on a weekday, you can park your car.

On the PA side, you’ll be walking on a footpath along the top of the levee. You can cut over immediately after you cross the bridge. I normally do Trenton Makes first, and return via the Calhoun Street bridge, but it doesn’t really matter.

The Levees were built during the depression by the WPA, and need repair, especially with the frequent flooding global warming seems to be inflicting on the Delaware. But it’s a great walk!

This is basically a flat walk, making it suitable for beginners.  But it’s so beautiful, anyone with an interest in Trenton will want to do it at least once.

2 Responses to A Walk Along the Levees (Trenton-Morrisville Walk)

  • Beth says:

    We took this walk on a beautiful Sunday afternoon in November! Thanks for letting us know about it!

  • Marco says:

    Two very enthusiastic thumbs up! You can also stop in at the New Jersey State Museum, near the Capitol building.

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