Swamp Fever (Trenton-Hamilton Marsh)

Swamp Fever (Trenton-Hamilton Marsh) Multiple access points (See photos and maps)
Friends for the Marsh | NJ Trails Assoc | Piney Paddlers/Sierra Club

If you’ve ever driven south of Trenton on Rte. 29, you’ve probably noticed that the interchange with Interstates 295 and 195 is built in the midst of a major wetlands.  The area, known alternately as the Trenton-Hamilton Marsh, or the Trenton-Hamilton-Bordentown Marsh, is a 1,250 acre protected wetlands and wildlife preserve.

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If you’re like me, a marsh may not be the first place that comes to mind when you think of outdoor excursions (I generally think of mountains and trout streams), but then you’d be missing one of the most fascinating natural resources in the area.

You can go walking on some 8 miles of trails in Mercer County, and another 4-6 miles in Burlington County, not to mention the Delaware and Raritan Canal State Park that cuts across the Marsh. Yes, it is flat (an advantage to some).

There’s fishing in most of the lakes (at least until the Lilly pads grow in and take away much of the surface area for fishing).

You can go birding for species you’ll find few other places in the area, including red wing blackbirds.

Spring Lake on a gorgeous day in mid March, before the lilly pads come up.

You can go canoeing and kayaking through the Marsh and along Crosswicks Creek.  While I confess I haven’t done it, it looks on the map that you can arrange a car shuttle, putting in near the northern access points, and taking out at “Bordentown Beach.”  Of course, you don’t need my advice, you can paddle with experts:  the Piney Paddlers, working with the Sierra Club, organizes a group trip roughly every two weeks during the season. Click on their link for times and dates.

Here we’ve collected some of the available information about walking, organized by access point.  There’s a lot more if you muck around the websites above, or start googling the marsh.

Northern Access Points:

Central Access Points:


2 Responses to Swamp Fever (Trenton-Hamilton Marsh)

  • Leona & George says:

    Great website about everything Trenton! Thank you for writing about the Marsh – a very special place. Friends for the Marsh has walks and interesting activities for the entire family year-round at no charge.

    We lead the Sierra Club canoe and kayak trips; they are fun, educational and a lovely way to enjoy the outdoors close to home and catch “Swamp Fever” too!

    Editor’s Comment: George and Leona run the Pine Paddler’s / Sierra Club tours of the swamp which sound like a wonderful way to experience the swamp! Click on the link to see the tour description.

  • John Long says:

    How nice a website about my backyard! I grew up in broad st. park and spent many a day down the lake, watsons creek and the swamp. There used to be/spring boxes in the creek and yes we drank from them! Do any members know about the cat walks ? I believe they were built for access to the power lines leading to the power plant. There may some sections still standing,not sure.

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