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There’s very few places for white-water nearby, but some obvious flat-water locations are noted here. If you’re seriously interested in the sport, you may want to contact the Outdoor Club of South Jersey

School, Old (Tyler State Park)

Tyler is an old school park. Yes, there’s some nature. You can hike, but mostly on paved or gravel paths. More to the point (and why it seems “old school” to me) it’s really about “activities”. Depending on the season you might find yourself riding a horse, paddling a canoe, playing “golf” with a Frisbee, swimming, fishing, cycling, sledding, or x-country skiing. (Driving time is about 25 mintues; as a hiking destination it’s rated for beginners)

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Pole Tree Pasture (Mercer Meadows)

In 2010, Mercer County merged 5 separate parks into the “Mercer Meadows, a 1,619 acre utopian park for walking, cycling, and wildlife observation. Primarily consisting of acres upon acres of wildflower meadows, it’s a beautiful place for an easy stroll or a relatively flat ride through some very pretty terrain. The heart of Mercer Meadows is … Continue reading Pole Tree Pasture

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