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A restaurant whose primary business is selling coffee or tea drinks by the serving. May also provide food and pastries, but these are complementary to the drinks business.

Rich Coast Food (La Cabaña Bakeshop & Restaurant)

La Cabaña is a Costa Rican restaurant offering food that, at its best, is utterly sublime, rivaling in both quality and presentation much, much more expensive restaurants. Open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and one of the best places in town for Sunday brunch.

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It’s a Small World (Small World Coffee)

If you like to drink your coffee in a hip, buzzing cafe, then you may need to head over to Princeton. There, you’ll find one of our favorite coffee shops, Small World Coffee. Small World is a Princeton fixture (in fact, there are actually two of them, one on Nassau and one on Witherspoon, though … Continue reading It’s a Small World

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