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The cuisines of Central and South America plus Mexico. In Trenton, this is predominantly the food of Guatemala. But it also includes Puerto Rico, El Salvador, Costa Rico, and Ecuador, among others. European Spanish and Portuguese food is categorized separately.

Earthy Guatemalan (Mi Tierra Restaurant)

Mi Tierra is another of the many outstanding Guatemalan restaurants in the City of Trenton, serving its burgeoning Latino population. Mi Tierra stands apart because: 1) the food is well prepared, a notch better than typical and 2) the decor is better than most. While not fancy by any means, it’s a pleasant place to eat, and the service is friendly.

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The New Kid Grows Up (Guate Linda Restaurant)

Prices are incredibly reasonable. The food, including the tacos, tostadas, and several of the meat platters is very good. Note, this is a dive. Clean, friendly, but still a dive. English skills of your server are likely to not exist, so if you don’t speak Spanish (like me), be prepared to puzzle out the menu on your own, and order via sign language.

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Subtle Intensity (Buen Provecho Restaurant & Café)

Until now, we’ve never found a local Puerto Rican restaurant we could get excited about.  Frankly, the cuisine is tough to prepare well.  Unlike Mexican which depends on spiciness, PR cuisine depends on subtle textures and flavors (usually including a lot of garlic).  Subtle is hard. Take Mofongo, a classic PR dish.  It’s a ball … Continue reading Subtle Intensity

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The Taco Place (La Taqueria)

La Taqueria (located on a decidedly suburban site in Lawrence) is better than most Mexican/Guatemalan joints in the area, slightly more expensive than similar places in Trenton (but still a bargain), and much more nicely appointed. If you find yourself in Lawrence looking for a quick, inexpensive bite, it’s a good place to stop.

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Ecuadorian Dream (El Negro de Oro)

El Negro de Oro (“Black Gold”) is the only Trenton restaurant we know that specializes in Ecuadorian cuisine, including such traditional dishes as: Hornado (roast pork) — at El Negro it’s served with hominy corn, Maiz Tostado (toasted corn nuts), potato cake, and salad (see header image). Seco de Chiuo — a rich, slow-braised goat … Continue reading Ecuadorian Dream

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NE of the Border (Aurelio's Cocina Latina)

Aurelio’s serves the best Latino cuisine in Princeton. There are something like half a dozen restaurants in Trenton that are as good or better, and at least 2 in Hamilton. Still, operating an inexpensive restaurant with good food in Princeton is no small feat, and if you like Aurelio’s, you owe it to yourself to start exploring Trenton restaurants as well.

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