Chinese Takeout: The Best of the OK part 1 (Rainbow Town Chinese Restaurant)

Rainbow Town Chinese Restaurant, 111 S Warren St, Trenton, NJ

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There is no truly outstanding Chinese restaurant in Trenton proper. For excellent Chinese food nearby, check out the Szechuan House, in Hamilton, or Concerto Fusion (which adds Thai and Japanese) in Morrisville.

However, everyone has a yearning for simple, cheap Chinese food from time to time, and you don’t want to have to drive to get it. In a town where there are some truly dreadful take out Chinese joints….listing a few that are pretty good is a useful service.

Rainbow Town Restaurant is downtown, in the Warren Street revival area. It does a large lunch business. You pay for a plate of rice or noodles, plus choice of two or three entrees served by the staff off a steam table. It’s not “all you can eat”, but the portions are reasonably generous and the quality of the food is decent. At night, Rainbow gets rid of the steam table, and you can order ala carte, either to take out or eat in.

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4 thoughts on “Chinese Takeout: The Best of the OK part 1”

  1. have always been a fan of this place up until recently. The last two times I’ve eaten from here I got horribly sick. I respect he owner very much so I called to warn them of this and she claimed I must have caught a bug. After visiting other review sites and seeing others that have gotten sick I urge everyone to steer clear of this place.

    1. Thank you for your comment. I’m sorry you had that experience. I’m always nervous publishing comments like this, since a) I like the places I review here and obviously this comment isn’t helpful to their reputation, and b) I have no way of confirming what actually happened. But I have a stronger obligation to the readers of this website than I do to the vendors, so I’ve published it. In the case of Rainbow Grill, their lunch time service is based on a steam-table, cafeteria line. This requires especially vigilant food-handling, since something kept warm (not hot) can promote the growth of nasties. That’s one of the reasons I like Hong Kong Restaurant best of the 3 in-town Chinese restaurants I review here, because the food is cooked fresh to order. You may want to check them out though, unfortunately, they’re not downtown.

      If you do go to Rainbow Town, or any place with a steam table, check out the freshness of what you’re ordering. If you’re showing up during peak lunch hour, it’s probably fine. You may not want to show up at 1:47 for lunch, since some food may have been sitting around for a couple of hours.

  2. Every Tuesday is Rainbow day. I get the black pepper chicken along with the spicy chicken, with the most outstanding green beans I ever tasted.

    I am in heaven!!!!

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