5 thoughts on “Dosa, Uttapams and All That”

  1. Went there about 8:30 on Sat night. Restaurant was about half full. Placed a take out order and told them I would wait. It took 50 minutes for my order to be filled, with the hostess making empty promises every so often about how it would be right out. I saw many tables of four get food one person at a time, and many people seemed disgruntled. One family’s father didn’t get any food until after his wife and kids were done. The food was tasty, but I won’t go back for that service and time commitment.

  2. We love Myilai Masala and go there weekly. In fact, when we found they were closed recently for repairs we went to another restaurant in the area but then stopped eating out altogether until they reopened. The food is strictly veg and always wonderful. While we normally go to dosa night every week (which is a great bargain) we have at times met friends there on Thursday for the curry buffet. In addition to delicious curries and starters, the price includes several different kinds of naan which comes to your table sizzling hot. The owners and staff are lovely and often stop by each table to chat. Service is spot on. After having spent lots of time in India, we consider this the most authentic Indian food in the area.

  3. I’ve been there when the owners were there. They were very friendly. I went on Wednesday which was all you can eat dosa night. Everything was great! The amount of chutney and sambar was good and they were very tasty.

  4. This place has gone down hill and the latest issue that I faced indicates that it has hit the bottom. I ordered two take out dishes, Masala Dosa and a combo dish (idlis+vada). When I went to pick up, the manager was in argument with a customer on the phone. I ignored the issue, paid for my take out and came home, only to find that the amount of sambar and chutney was barely sufficient for 1 dish (either the masala dosa or the combo). I called the establishment and the same manager answered. His attitude was that there is enough sambar and he started asking for dimensions of the package! As if anyone would want to extract more than what they need for their meal. I basically hung up once he started down the path of asking for dimensions of the package.

    Basically, many of these establishments lack customer service and do not realize the long term impact. I am 100% certain that they would gain more business if to begin with they size the side dishes properly. When the customer orders two dishes give two separate accompanying side dishes and hopefully adequate quantity for each dish. Why assume that the take out order is a shared order?

    My previous review for this restaurant on another site was very positive, however I now say customers should go to
    1) Dosai Place in E. Windsor or
    2) Sarvan Bhavan on Princeton-Heightstown road

    Editor’s Comment: My experience at Mylai Masala, where I eat frequently, is exactly the opposite. They’ve had some turnover recently in the “manager” of the restaurant, though the owners are usually there and are very customer focused. Sounds like you were at the restaurant when Chitra and her husband (the owners) weren’t.

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