Earthy Guatemalan (Mi Tierra Restaurant)

Mi Tierra Restaurant, 550 S Clinton Ave, Trenton, NJ
M-Th 8AM - 9:30PM; F-Su 8AM - 1PM
(609) 392-5970   Website    Google Maps

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Mi Tierra is another of the many outstanding Guatemalan restaurants in the City of Trenton, serving its burgeoning Hispanic population. Tierra stands apart because: 1) the food is well prepared, perhaps half a notch better than typical and 2) the decor is better than most. While not fancy by any means, it’s a pleasant place to eat, even if you do need to ignore the Mexican soap operas blaring from a TV set. 3) It’s the closest of the Chambersburg Guatemalans to downtown. I find myself eating here often, simply for convenience.

The portions, depending on what you order, are adequate to abundant and prices are very reasonable, even if they’re not quite to the ridiculously low standards set by some other Guatemalan restaurants. The decor, while still simple, is a cut or two above a dive (it’s the original Joe’s Tomato Pie restaurant) and they take credit cards.

Like most of the Guatemalan restaurants in town, Mi Tierra serves principally an Hispanic clientèle. The wait staff speaks a little English (but very little), and the menu is Spanish only. So if you don’t speak a little Spanish (or at least know how to translate a menu), you may need to point to dishes you see on other diners’ tables to order.

There’s a small parking lot on the west side of the restaurant, and even a drive through window for take out.

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  1. This is a great restaurant to go eat with your family — the food is great and a really reasonable price.

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