Naan-Delivery (Mehek Indian Banquet & Restaurant)

Mehek Indian Banquet & Restaurant, 2495 Brunswick Pike, Lawrenceville, NJ
Open 7 days: 11:30AM - 10PM Su-Th; 11:30AM - 10:30PM F & Sa
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mehekMehek is the 3rd Indian restaurant to operate out of this location in the Lawrence Shopping Center. Newly redecorated, the current instantiation is a pleasant place to dine for lunch or dinner, with a few extra bonuses (such as it delivers to much of Trenton). There is an large back dining room which is reserved for private events. Cuisine is mainstream Mughlai (the Indo-Pakistani cuisine of northwestern India) that was the first to crack the US restaurant scene.

The weekday lunch buffet

If you know and like Indian food, you’ll find little surprising at Mehek, but little not to like. I’ve only sampled food at the well-appointed lunch buffet. The spicing is somewhat bland to my palate, but provides a nice selection of vegetarian and non-vegetarian options. Meat at Mehek is Halal, and in my two visits, it’s always been chicken. Each buffet offered 3 chicken options: Tandoori – baked in a clay oven, Chicken Tikka Masala, plus a 3rd curried chicken that varied each visit. There was also an appetizer, dal, plus 3 vegetarian preparations. The food is quite rich, but not overpoweringly so compared to many Indian restaurants. Perhaps learning from its sister restaurant in Princeton, the menu clearly labels dairy-free and gluten-free options (though signage at the buffet is not so helpful).

During weekday lunches, it’s $10.95 for all-you-can eat (Dec 2016 prices), including dessert, which is competitive with other local Indian restaurants, and objectively a bargain. If you don’t have a huge appetite, the menu offers fixed-portion “lunch specials” that range in price from $7 to 9. These include 3 egg options, including a Masala omelet which presumably is made fresh to order; and vegetable, chicken, and lamb “plates”. Box lunches for take-out or delivery are $7 to $10. Dinner is a la carte only: entrees are $13.95-15.95. On the weekends, there’s a more elaborate buffet “brunch” that’s $14.95.

The restaurant delivers ($25 minimum) within a 4 mile radius. That means that much of central downtown Trenton, Mill Hill, and most of Hiltonia are within the delivery range.

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  1. We had dinner there on a Tuesday night — only a couple of tables were occupied. The food was good (not the best Indian food I’ve ever had, but definitely good), and reasonably priced for the quality. I had the lamb saagwala (lamb and spinach with spiced sauce), and Jon Carl had the chicken tikka masala. The hot pepper garlic naan was great. Incidentally, Mehek has two locations — on Nassau in Princeton and this one. It looks like prices in Lawrenceville are cheaper.

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