8 thoughts on “No Sports No Grill”

  1. Champs Rules! I have been going here for years, tho most of the time it is when they have live music going on. I have ever even played a few shows there with my own band. Lots of Great memories from Championship Bar!!!

  2. It was a sports bar and grill back in the day and it was rad and two years ago it was fine. Shows started to get booked back in ’05 and it evolved from that. It’s awesome now, but don’t knock the past.
    Thanks for this. I have added a bit to say that it was once a popular bar. -VegInCity

  3. Don’t know how long you’ve lived in the area, but I lived here all of mylife, and Champions used to be THE sports bar .. my dad was there at least EVERYYY Sunday during the early to mid 90’s .. I even had a birthday party there. I also remember just a few years ago .. 2010/11 .. they still had food. Sucks the scene changed, but whatever; I frequent other bars now .. I like to munch while I’m drinking so I don’t wake up dying.

    Don’t worry, you can still munch while you’re drinking, you just have to bring your own food! BYOF -VegInCity

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