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  1. Rob, I grew up in north Jersey, so I’m not an authority on “real” water ice. I can tell you that Vincent’s stuff is home made from real fruit and fruit flavors, and it tastes wonderful. I admit I like some of what Rita’s offers, but as I say in the review, Vincen’t Bada Bing cherry ice makes Rita’s laste like cough medicine

    1. I grew up IN Philly. Rita’s has ruined water ice. I remember going to the original location as a kid. It was better than. If you get a chance, check out Yardley Ice House just off Main Street in Yardley. Their water ice is amazing. Annie’s in Lawrenceville makes more traditional water ice, but a bit ‘drier’ than I’m used to. Did you grow up on Ralph’s ice? I got some in Long Island and by the time I got home none of it melted… the a/c was off and the windows were down. Not sure what it’s made out of — antifreeze and formaldehyde — but that stuff is not ice.

    2. Hey Robert Sammons. If you like Yardley Ice House, I think you’ll love Vincents. I checked out Yardley the other day and tried several of their ices. Several were very good. However, I was disappointed in their lemon, which had the distinct aftertaste of reconstituted lemon juice preservatives. Vincent’s are at least as good, and his lemon is distinctly better.

  2. Nothing tops his home made special flavors of fruits in season – peach, cantaloupe, blueberry, except maybe the caramel sea salt or the dulce de leche, or, oh, yeah, the CHOCOLATE!

  3. Can’t believe someone compared Halo to Vincent’s. For shame. This homemade ice cream, in all its glorious flavors (cherry vanilla and pumpkin!)is artfully made and enthusiastically shared with us. Great staff, and generous, accommodating, friendly, civic-minded Vincent is the most. The MOST. Run. Go get a quart or two.

  4. Amazing little place with simply the best product out there, and run by a true gentleman. I keep promising myself I’ll try the entire menu, which isn’t that large (but who cares!)….alas, I find myself stuck on three flavors. Did try the ice, which was equally wonderful. If you live anywhere near Trenton, this is a must-stop. To ice cream what DiLorenzo’s (hudson street) is to pizza.

  5. Although I worked at Vincents for 3years, I absolutely LOVE it! The mango sorbet is to DIE FOR! He puts about 3 cans of fresh thick mangoes its heaven! The hand dipped ice cream is ALL fresh! Number one sellers are Butter Pecan, Coconut Almond Joy, Rum Raisin, and Grape Nut!!! People stop by Vincent’s is the BEST!

  6. Vince and his ice cream are the best! There are a few picnic tables on the side where you can sit and enjoy your guilty pleasure. The staff is always friendly and patient. You can tell when people enjoy what they do for a living, and Vince loves his job!

  7. While visiting Trenton visiting family, I had the pleasure to visit Vincent’s. What a great experience it was. Old fashion ice cream and some very interesting new flavors as well. My daughter tried the grapenut and still raves about it. When we go back, this is one place we will not miss.

  8. I confess. I am Vincent’s neighbor, so you will not get any criticisms from me. Vince is one of the nicest people I know and a very hard working individual. Trust me and try the butter pecan, heaven on a spoon. We are lucky to live next to the best ice cream man in New Jersey.

  9. Miguel…you clearly had “bada bing” cherry water ice, which is my absolute favorite. It’s chock full of cherries, which is why I like it, and why not much is left when you’re done. Have it with Vincent’s cookies and cream ice cream, and it’s like a frozen Black Forest cake.

    Compared to Rita’s wild black cherry, Vincent’s is better, IMO.

  10. I took the editor’s advice… and while I’m glad I did, I thought I’d share my experience. The ice cream is good stuff. Not as serious as Halo but good quality and a great value. The water ice was a different story. After picking out the bing cherries, there wasn’t anything worth eating. And the strawberry lemonade was all syrup…. one bite was too much. Good service. The folks at Vincent’s moved through the long line with efficiency and smiles. And there’s good parking for a in-n-out visit. I’ll be back, but I’ll stick to the hand-dipped ice cream. Yum!

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