Pupusas, etc. (Jireh Pupuseria y Restaurante)

Jireh Pupuseria y Restaurante, 687 S Clinton Ave, Trenton, NJ
Open 7 days: 5 AM to 10 PM
(609) 656-2333   Google Maps

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Located just east of the Roebling Market, on the SE corner of Dye and S. Clinton, Jireh is one of many Guatemalan restaurants that have opened in Trenton in recent years.  Latinos are the fastest growing segment of Trenton’s population (the ‘Burg, formerly Italian, is now mostly Hispanic, as is much of South Trenton), and by far the most dynamic segment of the city’s evolving restaurant scene.  Most, including Jireh, serve an almost exclusively Hispanic clientele.  The wait staff speak no English (though the owner, who works in front of the grill, does).

JirehJireh’s clientele (as with most of Trenton’s Hispanic restaurants) is mostly working men, although in recent years we’ve seen more anglos dropping in, especially for lunch during the week.  Because of the immigration system in the United States, many Hispanic men are in this country temporarily, without their families.  The restaurant exists to provide a “home cooked” meal. For the rest of us, it means fresh cooked food with ample portions, cheap.

What sets Jireh apart is its extensive assortment of Pupusas.  Pupusas are stuffed, grilled, home-made tortillas.  They originated in El Salvador, but are popular in Guatemala, and increasingly found in Trenton restaurants (see header image).  They are fantastic.  Most other restaurants in town make only 2 or 3 varieties of pupusa.  Jireh makes eight:

  • Pork
  • Cheese and Loroco
  • White Cheese
  • Mix
  • Beans
  • Cheese and Beans
  • Beans and Pork
  • Fried Cassava

For a meal, big eaters will want to order 3 each, except for the Cassava, which for some reason is 2x the cost of any other variety).  The pupusas are very good, and come, as they should, with curtido, a pickled cabbage relish, which tastes like sauerkraut and salsa rojo, which seems homemade and is quite tasty. If you enjoy spice, you can ask for some salsa verdes (salsa rojo is very mild).

In addition to Pupusas, Jireh serves an extensive range of Guatemalan cuisine, which is better than average.  Portions are ample, and prices reasonable.

We’re rated Jireh vegetarian friendly: it’s one of the few Latino restaurants in town that actually lists vegetarian items on its menu. In addition to several varieties of vegetarian pupusas, the menu features guacamole tostadas, vegetarian Mixtas Guatemaltecas (a thick tortilla folded like a hot dog bun, with a vegetarian filling), “veggie” burritos, vegetarian “Jireh Bowl”, and multiple egg dishes.

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11 thoughts on “Pupusas, etc.”

    1. Ann, no more root beer floats, but they do make good, home-made fruit shakes, as well as lemonade and horchata (cinnamon rice milk)

    1. When Trenton had the 3rd largest “Little Italy” in the country, there were dozens of places for Tomato Pie. Now, in town, there are only a handful. Today, Trenton is the 6th largest Guatemalan community in the country: Pupusas are to be found in many places. The wheel turns…

    2. You can long for tomato pie and pierogies and still love pupusas. I love ‘em all. No doubt there were folks in Trenton in 1920, who missed the “good old days” when you could get a great “Mince Pie” in Chamberburg, not this foreign, too spicy, bread with tomato and cheese.

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