11 thoughts on “Pupusas, etc.”

    1. Ann, no more root beer floats, but they do make good, home-made fruit shakes, as well as lemonade and horchata (cinnamon rice milk)

    1. When Trenton had the 3rd largest “Little Italy” in the country, there were dozens of places for Tomato Pie. Now, in town, there are only a handful. Today, Trenton is the 6th largest Guatemalan community in the country: Pupusas are to be found in many places. The wheel turns…

    2. You can long for tomato pie and pierogies and still love pupusas. I love ’em all. No doubt there were folks in Trenton in 1920, who missed the “good old days” when you could get a great “Mince Pie” in Chamberburg, not this foreign, too spicy, bread with tomato and cheese.

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