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Real Food, for the Rest of Us (Food Bazaar International Supermarket)

Food Bazaar International Supermarket, 635 South Clinton Ave, Trenton, NJ
Open daily, 7 AM - 10:40 PM
(609) 858-6616   Website    Google Maps

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“So where do you shop for food?” has been one of those haunting questions for us Trenton residents for many years. In truth, despite the good efforts of the Supreme Supermarket, for years there hasn’t been a store in town where you’d want to buy food for a dinner party. Sure…if you were having a party and you discovered that you needed to pick up an onion or a quart of milk, or maybe even a head of lettuce…no problem. But if you’re quality conscious, and had the choice, most folks I know would suffer the 16-20 mile round-trip schlep to Wegeman’s or Whole Foods.

Until now.

In June of 2008, the somewhat mercurial Bogopa Food Services Corp opened it’s 12th Food Bazaar Store in Trenton’s Roebling Market. At 67,000 SF, it’s 3x the size of any other food market within Trenton City limits. And the chain has a merchandising and buying philosophy that fits extremely well in Trenton. It targets ethnic buyers: Hispanic, West Indian, East Indian, etc. with a large selection of fresh produce, high quality meats and seafoods, and an extensive selection of ethnic grocery products.

Food Bazaar Veggies

Prices on meats and seafood are particularly aggressive, and much lower than it’s Princeton-focused competitors. These departments are huge, by the way, and there’s a large number of tanks for live lobsters and other seafood.

Food Bazaar Fish

And it’s not just a generic “Hispanic Foods” section. As my long time Mexican-resident neighbor pointed out, if you’re from Mexico or Peru, El Salvador, the Dominican, or Puerto Rico, Food Bazaar will have a section of your favorite packaged goods and exotic produce. For the rest of us, it’s a “shopping experience” not to be missed.

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4 thoughts on “Real Food, for the Rest of Us”

  1. The best thing about food baazar is the seafood section and the jamican food section. The fresh fruits and vegetables are ok priced but are higher than shoprite or acme. The majority of the food prices I believe are priced higher because the grocery store in in the hood so the raise the prices because most inter city poor people can walk there to use their food stamps. I will continue to only buy my fresh seafood and jamican food. MAIN ISSUE:higher some one WHO SPEAKS ENGLISH…

  2. It’s wonderful, it’severything you say, and the produce is remarkably cheap and fresh. But it is the NOISIEST place you can imagine.

    I go in with a list so that I don’t have to spend more time there then necessary,

  3. Thanks for the blogreport. I just got the mailer from food bazaar and seems like they are here to set a real fight to Princetonian price. I am going to check out the store this weekend.

  4. Food bazaar is clean and has everything you could need. Their prices are fair, and the sale prices are just as good as the big chain stores. The staff is helpful. What more can you ask?

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