Canal Cycling Jaunt (D&R Canal State Park/D&R Greenway Land Trust)

Riding a bicycle, walking the dog, or XC skiing in the winter, are all things you can do along the towpath of this superb “linear park”, which (with a few interruptions) connects Frenchtown to New Brunswick. It’s an easy ride on a MTB or hybrid, a bit more challenging (due to the occasional loose hard-pack) on a full-out road bike.

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Kid Writes (State Street Project)

The “State Street Project” is the umbrella name for the programs at Passage Theatre that work with inner-city Trenton youth. It’s a huge part of what Passage does, much of it behind the scenes. When they mount a public production, RUN, don’t walk to your phone and reserve seats (they’re always inexpensive, and often free). Everything they do is worth seeing by kids and adults alike.

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Suburban Pie (Papa's Tomato Pies)

Papa’s, founded in 1912 by the father-in-law, grandfather, and great-grandfather respectively of the current operators (Abie, Donnie, and Nick) making it the second oldest pizza joint in the country, and by another reckoning (continually operated by the founding family), Papa’s is the oldest in the country. Papa’s makes a proper Trenton tomato pie (it should, it virtually invented it). Unfortunately, moved to Robbinsville recently, so you’ll have to drive about 15 minutes to get there.

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