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Easily meets the 1-$ cost target: you can probably eat for $10, and feast for $15 per person.

Plant Power (Lady and the Shallot)

Lady and the Shallot serves a limited but well-conceived menu of exclusively vegan, gluten-free, and tree-nut-free food. Execution is great, but not transcendent. Vegetarian or vegetarian-leaning eaters will be completely happy here, especially if they are gluten-sensitive or nut-allergic or lactose intolerant. Non-vegetarians will enjoy the fresh-made food as well, though hard-core carnivores will probably … Continue reading Plant Power

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Last Pie-Man Standing (DeVito's Pizza IV)

DeVito’s Pizza IV is a neighborhood joint that makes great Neapolitan-style pizza (aka NY style). As far as we know, it is now the oldest pizza joint under continuous management within the city limits, having been founded in February of 1985. Devito’s pie isn’t “gourmet”, but it’s a really well executed version of a classic pizza. The rim is crispy and flavorful, and it’s topped with ample, good quality cheese, which is a nicely balanced with the sauce and crust. The, extra large (18″) pie is also a bargain.

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East meets Mid-West (Michael's Diner)

Michael’s is a decent diner that supports a very good salad bar.  If you enjoy salad bars, you can get a great salad and a good, filling, fresh-cooked meal for not a lot of money. It’s open 7 days, early and late. NJ diners, collectively, should be a national institution. Where else can you get … Continue reading East meets Mid-West

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Squirreled Away (Squirrels Nest Cafe)

OK, I admit to loving dives. Especially ones like this where the sensibilities of the owner, even wacky ones, are plain to see. It reminds me of the places I used to eat growing up, from a time when most restaurants were owner operated, and McDonald’s were found only in California. In Manhattan, you might … Continue reading Squirreled Away

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Man Bites Dog (Captain Paul's Firehouse Dogs)

Captain Paul’s proves that inventive entrepreneurs can make a go of even unlikely business concepts. Take the hot dog. Many spurn it as an overly processed, heavily salted, highly fatted anachronism. American cuisine at its worst. One of the culprits (though perhaps not the primary one) in a cuisine that has achieved the highest rate … Continue reading Man Bites Dog

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Deli-cate Offerings (City Deli)

City Deli is a somewhat misleading name for a small restaurant near the statehouse that is serving up an ambitious, home-cooked, vegetarian-friendly menu.  If you’re a carnivore, don’t let the veggie-friendly tag get in the way: you’ll find plenty to eat, too. Indeed the menu is astonishingly broad, ranging from the best salad bar in … Continue reading Deli-cate Offerings

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