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Bread and Circus Training (Trenton Circus Squad)

Trenton Circus Squad is a truly remarkable organization located in the historic (and extremely photogenic) Roebling Machine Shop, adjoining Roebling Market.  Kids aged 6-18 are eligible to take free classes in circus arts:  riding a unicycle, walking on stilts, juggling, wire walking, acrobatics, trapeze, slapstick comedy, human pyramids, German wheel and mini-trampoline. The squad also … Continue reading Bread and Circus Training

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Most Aerobic Walk (Switchback Trail at Baldpate Mountain)

The Switchback Trail delivers 425 vertical feet by itself, and you can achieve a cumulative elevation gain of nearly 1,000 vertical feet (well, OK, 950) by combining it with other trails. There’s no other walk of which I’m aware that delivers anything like that much vertical elevation gain within an hour’s drive of Trenton. Congrats to the Mercer County Park people for doing this. (Driving time is about 20 minutes; Rated Experienced for elevation gain)

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