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Vegans will find multiple options on the menu

French-ish (Cargot Brasserie)

Cafe Un, Deux, Trois  is one of our “go to” places in New York City for a meal before a Broadway show.  Cargot — an updated, Princeton-take on a similar dining concept — may assume a similar role for when we take in a show at McCarter (which is literally across the street). Cargot opened … Continue reading French-ish

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East meets Mid-West (Michael's Diner)

Michael’s is a decent diner that supports a very good salad bar.  If you enjoy salad bars, you can get a great salad and a good, filling, fresh-cooked meal for not a lot of money. It’s open 7 days, early and late. NJ diners, collectively, should be a national institution. Where else can you get … Continue reading East meets Mid-West

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Deli-cate Offerings (City Deli)

City Deli is a somewhat misleading name for a small restaurant near the statehouse that is serving up an ambitious, home-cooked, vegetarian-friendly menu.  If you’re a carnivore, don’t let the veggie-friendly tag get in the way: you’ll find plenty to eat, too. Indeed the menu is astonishingly broad, ranging from the best salad bar in … Continue reading Deli-cate Offerings

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Chinese Takeout: The Best of the OK part 1 (Rainbow Town Chinese Restaurant)

Rainbow Town Restaurant is downtown, in the Warren Street revival area. It does a large lunch business. You pay for a plate of rice or noodles, plus choice of two or three entrees served by the staff off a steam table. It’s not “all you can eat”, but the portions are reasonably generous and the quality of the food is decent.

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