6 thoughts on “Phô, not Faux”

  1. Thanks for the tip! We just ate there. The spring rolls were good and crispy. The pho was tasty (huge) and fresh. Hot tea was also very good.

  2. I am there a few times a week. I grew up in South Philly with all the best Asian food, best Vietnamese food and Pho Tan is just as good. The owner Tan is very friendly, very warm and very attentive to your ordering needs. I order their Banh Mi, Vietnamese hoagie, when I don’t have time to sit in.

  3. I enjoyed this restaurant. It is clean and friendly family setting. The meal was good. I enjoy the spring roll and soup. Second time I tried the pork and rice meal. The owner Tan Ngo sat with me and we spoke a bit about his venture into the food business. To my surprise he is the same guy that owned Nails by Tan on Anderson Street and currently owns Chic Nails on Rt 33 Hamilton New Jersey with his Wife Yvonne. Small world. The food is great. All I can say!

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