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Bring your own bottle. The restaurant does not have a bar.

Diasporatic Pie (Gennaro’s Pizzeria) (Gennaro's Pizzeria)

Gennaro’s is a nicely turned out pizzeria and Italian restaurant in a newish strip mall where Nottingham Way and Rt. 33 converge in Hamilton Square (about 7.5 miles from Trenton). If for some reason you find yourself there, seeking sustenance amidst the soul-numbing suburban sprawl, by all means stop in for a pie. It’s really quite good. Nice, thin, crisp crust. Tomato “sauce”. Good quality cheese and toppings.

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Chinese Takeout: The Best of the OK part 2 (Kam Buffet)

Everyone has a yearning for simple, cheap Chinese food from time to time, and you don’t want to have to drive to get it. In a town where there are some truly dreadful take out Chinese joints….listing a few that are pretty good is a useful service. Kam Buffet is a post millenium buffet joint, with a large dining room and a huge array of steam tables. The food is good, and management takes better care to keep it fresh and turning over quickly than many establishments of this type.

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Earthy Guatemalan (Mi Tierra Restaurant)

Mi Tierra is another of the many outstanding Guatemalan restaurants in the City of Trenton, serving its burgeoning Latino population. Mi Tierra stands apart because: 1) the food is well prepared, a notch better than typical and 2) the decor is better than most. While not fancy by any means, it’s a pleasant place to eat, and the service is friendly.

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Battlin’ Perogies (Henry's Deli and Luncheonette)

From the outside, Henry’s looks like an old-school luncheonette, which went out of fashion in the early 1960’s. However, peer through the window, and you see something’s up with the large, modern cooking area, and nicely stocked shelves. Then you realize all the packages have Polish labels, and you remember that you’re at the very epicenter of the Polish section of Trenton: European Bakery is next door, Cosmo Food Market is across the street, and Rozmaryn Restaurant is around the corner.

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Cheese Steak Trenton Style (Pete's Steak House)

There’s something about a grilled steak with melted cheese on a torpedo roll that satisfies any carnivore’s cravings. Surprisingly, it’s not sandwich that was popular outside of the lower Delaware Valley until Philly marketed its version to the rest of the world. Now most of the world thinks of the “Philly Cheese Steak”. However, there is a Trenton variant that is authentic and delicious in its own right.

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Suburban Pie (Papa's Tomato Pies)

Papa’s, founded in 1912 by the father-in-law, grandfather, and great-grandfather respectively of the current operators (Abie, Donnie, and Nick) making it the second oldest pizza joint in the country, and by another reckoning (continually operated by the founding family), Papa’s is the oldest in the country. Papa’s makes a proper Trenton tomato pie (it should, it virtually invented it). Unfortunately, moved to Robbinsville recently, so you’ll have to drive about 15 minutes to get there.

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