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A restaurant where an ovo-lacto vegetarian can readily order an enjoyable meal.

There’s No Place Like Home (Marsilio's Kitchen)

The menu is a mix of old-line “red-sauce” Italian dishes, with a fair number of more ambitious items (and specials) mixed in. The quality is good. Prices are higher than the typical Trenton-area Italian eatery, though not exorbitant (e.g. $19 for chicken; $27 for a veal chop).

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Train Noshing (Pizza Grill at the Trenton Train Station)

Pizza Grill is located on the Walnut Avenue end of the station… It’s actually a very pleasant location with 20 foot ceilings and light streaming in from floor to ceiling windows. The food selection is impressive. There’s pizza by the slice: plain, pepperoni, and usually 3 or 4 other “gourmet” variations. Not the best “tomato pie” in Trenton, but much better than the typical pizza joint in town. Hoagies, burgers, cheesesteaks, salads, chicken wings/tenders, and panini. It’s all made on site and decent quality. Prices are reasonable, given the location.

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West-Ward Wonder (Original Dominick's Pizza)

With so much great tomato pie in Trenton, why does Dominick’s deserve a place on Hidden Trenton? A few reasons. First, the pies are genuinely good, made with fresh ingredients. While the tomato pie doesn’t quite match the sublime heights of Papa’s or DeLorenzo’s, it’s darn good. Second, it’s open when those other places aren’t. Want a pie for a Tuesday lunch? You’re out of luck with either of the classic Trenton establishments, which are basically open only for dinner.

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Sweet Breads and Pasta (Mastoris Restaurant)

Mastoris is one of those places that doesn’t seem possible when you first go there. First of all, it’s impossibly huge… the website claims they serve up to 2,800 people per day, and certainly the facility is large enough. Second, when you sit down, your waitress will bring you a plate piled high with two loaves of sweet bread, one each of cinnamon and cheese. Don’t eat too much bread, though, since the portions on your order, when it arrives, will be huge.

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