Train Noshing (Pizza Grill at the Trenton Train Station)

Pizza Grill at the Trenton Train Station, Trenton Transit Center, Trenton, NJ
Open 24 hours x 7 days
(609) 393-0185   Google Maps

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Recently I listened to a NY actor, who is commuting to Trenton from NYC in a Passage Theatre production, rave about the food at the Pizza Grill in the train station.  After a show, and before catching a train home, he’d happily buy his dinner there.  He likes the pizza and loves the sandwiches (“They’re pre-made if you’re in a hurry.  But they’ll also make them fresh for you, if you have the time.”)  This caught my attention for a couple of reasons:  first, actors tend to have pretty good taste in food, and second, given their pay, they don’t throw money around, either.  So I made a point of checking it out.

Pizza Grill is located on the Walnut Avenue end of the station… what most would call the “back” of the station, near the taxi stand.  It’s actually a very pleasant location with 20 foot ceilings and light streaming in from floor to ceiling windows.  Cafe tables are set out opposite the service counters.  It’s a clean and airy space.

The food selection is impressive.  There’s pizza by the slice:  plain, pepperoni, and usually 3 or 4 other “gourmet” variations.  Not the best “tomato pie” in Trenton, but much better than the typical pizza joint in town.  Hoagies, burgers, cheesesteaks, salads, chicken wings/tenders, and panini. It’s all made on site and decent quality.  Prices are reasonable, given the location.  The sandwiches might be $0.75 to $1.00 more than a comparable restaurant on the street, but much more reasonable than the typical concession restaurant.

Importantly, Pizza Grill is one of the few 24×7 establishments in Trenton.  You can stop by anytime and get good food.  You can also order ahead and pick up your “personal” sized pizza to take on board the train.

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