Hidden Trenton

As the COVID emergency has deepened, we’re focusing on activities that are still available.  The featured links above are mostly on public streets, or in parks.

Hidden Trenton is a highly opinionated guide to the best restaurants, activities, shopping and services in the greater Trenton area. We recommend every place we feature on this website.  Rather than pan a bunch of mediocre stuff, we just leave them out.  From the lowest rated to the highest, we believe every place we review is worthwhile.

Hidden GateWe strive to serve those who live or work within the city limits of Trenton, and that requires covering places outside of city limits as well–after all many of the extraordinary places in the world are a short drive or train ride away. Our restaurants, shopping and services are all within a 30 minute drive from Trenton, and lifestyle activities up to a 90 minute drive (though the majority are closer). If you don’t live here, we urge you to check out some of the places we’ve recommended within city limits–we think you’ll be delighted by the people and businesses that are making history in Trenton right now.

We are constantly discovering new hidden gems, so come back often for updates. If you have a hidden find, let us know.  Please also visit our Facebook Page.

A Highly Opinionate Guide to Worthwhile Places