2 thoughts on “Noblesse Oblige”

  1. Your “noblesse oblige” title and related comments about “liberal so-and so’s” are terrible I think–or at least they sound critical, negative, and unappreciative. I am a western transplant, who grew up entitled to the free use of federal lands that I still pay for in my taxes while living out here. I am impressed that New Jersey has done it the hard way, through charitable donations and public bonds that we pay for ourselves (without the rest of country helping, as is the case out West). The Garden State has preserved roughly a third of its lands this way. I think we should applaud whichever town, whether it’s Princeton, Newton, Vineland, Cherry Hill, or wherever, that ponies up to preserve some land for everyone’s enjoyment and benefit. I am a Princeton resident and don’t have a multimillion $ home, far from it. I am glad that voters and volunteers saw fit to create a natural jewel nearby for everyone to enjoy. Thanks for the review of this park, but your comments on the people who created it and the folks that live adjacent (and let it happen) are a bit gratuitous and not in a good way.

    1. I would have thought, your being from out west and all, that your skin would be a bit thicker. If you read carefully, my comment about “liberal so and so’s” is not my opinion, it’s an indirect quote of the landowners who (I figure) aren’t thrilled about having people walking in the preserve past their very expensive backyards. My opinion about the preserve itself (and by extension the folks who made it happen) couldn’t be more positive.

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