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Poorer drainage than most. Be prepared for mud, especially in spring and after rainfalls.

Buried Treasure and Sights Unseen (Goat Hill Park Bushwhack)

Goat Hill Park was acquired in 2009 by the State of NJ, and is managed as a satellite park of Washington Crossing. It is potentially one of the most spectacular hiking destinations in central NJ, but budget and regulatory constraints have blocked the state from developing it. It’s a pity. Of course, if you’re willing to bushwhack, you can still go exploring.

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Dry Run Hop (Dry Run Creek and RockHopper Trails)

Just north of Mercer-Hunterdon County line is the Dry Run Creek trailhead, 20 minutes or so north of downtown Trenton by car. Maintained by the D&R Greenway Land Trust, it’s a delightful, 1.2 mile trail that descends into Dry Run Creek* and then climbs about 230 feet to 518 and another parking lot. There, if you look directly across the road, is the RockHopper Trail, which adds at least another 1.8 miles through the woods (Driving time 30 min or less; Suitable for Intermediate hikers due to elevation gain and occasional problems with trail blazes on the Rockhopper Trail)

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