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Joe & Jeff Dream of Cheesesteaks (MeatHeadZ Cheesesteaks)

MeatHeadZ Cheesesteaks, 2653 Brunswick Pike, Lawrence Twp, NJ
Open 7 days: M-Th 11 AM-8 PM, F-Sa 11 AM-10 PM; Su 11 AM-6 PM
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What do Joe & Jeff, two brothers from NJ, whose family ran a Jewish Deli, know about Philly cheesesteaks? Quite a lot, apparently, judging from their restaurant which opened in April of 2018: MeatHeadZ. It’s in the old Stewart’s Root Beer stand on Business Rt. 1, just north of the Lawrence Shopping Center, providing an authentic, retro feel.

yummy fries

For what it tries to be, the food at MeatHeadZ is absolutely superb. 100% rib-eye steak provides the perfect balance of flavor and grease. Your choice of Cheese Whiz (yes, I know it’s authentic, sigh), provolone (thank G*d!), American, or mozzarella. High quality roll imported from Philly. Choice of onions (yeah!), mushrooms (yeah!), and peppers (boo!), but unlike a lot of places, you can order them separately or not at all (the bane of my life are joints that will only deliver onions — which I love — with peppers — which I dislike).

The fries are really good, too. While they don’t cut them in-house, I was assured by the woman behind the counter that they’ve never been frozen. They certainly taste that way. You can order them in a bunch of different varieties: plain, cheese fries, Buffalo Fries with sauce, bacon, mozzarella cheese, and several other variations.

There are a few concessions to non-red-meat eaters, though not many. You can get a chicken cheesesteak or a plain chicken breast on a roll. The Veggiehead sandwich delivers a vegetable patty with cheese. No doubt a concession to their Deli roots, you can also place an order for Fried Pickles, breaded, served with the house sauce.

You can also order burgers and a pork roll sandwich.

The restaurant’s attention to detail really sets it apart. There’s an absolutely superb condiments stand with real, full-sour kosher pickles sliced thick, hot peppers, banana peppers, sweet peppers, multiple varieties of hot sauce, etc. Really, nothing not to love.

Prices, in the scheme of things, aren’t rock-bottom, but certainly reasonable for the quality.

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4 thoughts on “Joe & Jeff Dream of Cheesesteaks”

  1. This place is great! I don’t even bother with other places’ cheesesteaks anymore. I favor he one with mushrooms, onions, au jus, and Wiz. I can’t remember if that’s the “loaded” or the “works”. It’s the one without bacon. I used to get prov, but now I think that Wiz is better; seems to melt and meld perfectly with the other ingredients. Be sure to ask for Au Jus; definitely goes a long way in making the sandwich. I even tried the double meat version (1 pound of meat, vs. 1/2 pound on the regular one), mostly just out of curiosity. I can’t even finish a whole regular one (usually split it with my wife), so there was no chance on the double meat one. Out 22 year old son can easily inhale an entire regular sandwich.

    Anyway, they’re very good. The owners will answer any questions, even carry your order out to your car for you.

  2. I love this site! It’s a great resource for a very cool and underappreciated city. However, your picture of a cheesesteak includes a pickle embedded in the sandwich, which I think all right-thinking people can agree is deeply, egregiously incorrect. I hope this can be rectified, voluntarily, as a public service, without getting lawyers involved.


    1. I also like provolone, not whiz. Apparently Joe & Jeff agree with me, not you! They offer pickles in their relish tray, and not just any pickle, but top class, fresh deli dill pickles cut thick. Yummy. If you have a problem with that, good luck.

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