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    1. I’ve considered reviewing it in the past. Personally I thought it OK. My friend, who is strictly vegetarian, had a bad experience and that kept me from reviewing it. That said, it’s in new quarters. Once the emergency passes, I’ll no doubt check it out again.

  1. A new seafood restaurant, “Trenton Prime,” just opened right next to Trenton Social! It looks great. Haven’t been yet, just walked by and spoke with the chef and owners a few days after it opened.

  2. OK, y’all. Help a Texas feller out … where are the best Margaritas in Trenton (area)? Come on, and muchas gracias.

  3. I’d like to leave a recommendation for a great auto body repair shop–Parkway Auto Body at 9 Chelsea Ave. in Ewing (609-882-1144). I’ve had occasion to use his service several times over the years and I wouldn’t trust my car to anyone else. The owner, Jerzy Strak, is a Polish emigre who used to work for the PZL aircraft factory in Poland. His crew does superb work.

  4. Way out in the wilds of Hamilton, right off Route 33, near Paxson Ave. A BBQ place: the smokengrill, at

    Not, IMHO, as good as Hambone Opera, but local, family run and owned (which is pretty apparent, for better or worse, i.e. very friendly, but certainly not 100% professional, in terms of service efficiency). They do smoke their own meat, on site, and it is good; also open many more days/hours than Hambone.

  5. Here to recommend El Paladar Restaurant on 3 Dayton Street. As far as I know, it is the only Peruvian restaurant in town (while Pollo Campero claims to have Peruvian-style grilled chicken, it does not. Tried it. Nope. Not Peruvian. But kudos to them for trying!). While they could have done so much more with the decor ( you wouldn’t know it’s a Peruvian restaurant if you just stumbled upon it), the food is on point. Been there twice and have not been disappointed.

    1. Thanks, we’ll check it out! There used to be a Peruvian joint on S. Clinton, now Guate Linda and converted to Guatemalan. BTW, while I take your word that the Pollo Compero’s “Peruvian Grilled Chicken” isn’t authentic, it’s still really good.

  6. Check out Dream Spicy at 1855 South Broad st. Brand new Indian fusion restaurant. Very clean inside, and friendly staff. They would do well with a review. Keep up the great work guys.

  7. You might try a little Greek place in Yardley called the Canal Street Grille; good stuff. Also, the best bakery in the world, Crammer’s across Afton Ave.

  8. Don’t forget the Blue Danube off of South Broad. Nice little joint with good food and a bar. Eastern European specialties also on the menu.

    1. Yeah! This should be at the top of the list (because it starts with a ‘B’)! And because the food and menu are outstanding. Also surprising … give the Filet (steak) a try. It’s probably one of the best I’ve had, and I’m from Texas. And it’s $24 with all the entre stuff included.

  9. Hi

    Great website! We “hiked” the goat hill trail (3 families, 2 boys aged 4 and 6 each) today and had a great time. Then had lunch nearby at Marhaba in Lambertville (highly recommended!).

    We are a (slightly larger) group of families who hike in the area (with our kids) once a month, importing an Israeli tradition of hiking in family groups. In Israel, there is usually a (paid) guide who plans the year’s trips and takes everyone to his/her favorite haunts in the area. We are very open to variety — hikes don’t all have to be hikes, and can be kayaking in the canal as well…

    If one of you would be willing to discuss helping us by guiding hikes or just suggesting where to go, please contact me. I could not find a “contact us” email for you — but maybe I missed it… too many interesting things on your site so I keep getting carried away with reading.

    Thank you very much,


  10. Have you guys tried Mexico Lindo on Broad Street in Trenton? I’ve had great luck there over the years with a lot of great authentic Mexican dishes and their menu is very extensive!!

  11. Just down 206, outside of Trenton in Lawrenceville is a great bakery called The Gingered Peach. Sticky buns, croissants, brownies just to name a few. You guys should check it out during your travels!! Yummy!

    Keep up the great work! Love discovering new places in our area.

    1. Thanks, Matthew. It is on our list to visit. We have tried their food before and really enjoyed it, we just need to do another visit to have a proper review!

  12. LCS Estate Liquidation is a 10 year old local family service. Emptying the contents of homes is what we do best. We work with families who’s loved one passed away, also with banks, attorney’s, realtors and more. We purchase the items we can resell & charge to remove unwanted items. The property is left empty & broom swept. We purchase one item or a whole house or storage unit full. References provided.

  13. Two suggestions – for Japanese, our go to restaurant is Oshi up on Scotch Road in Ewing. Started out small, renovated and now they have lots of seating. They do an all you can eat sushi special as well. And for BBQ there’s Winkler’s over in Morrisville – on a tiny side street past the motorcycle repair place and the bait shop. Pick up only, always amazing, but order early as they sell out of items quite often.

  14. I know it’s not well know, but for your “Kids” section, there’s two Boy Scout troops in Trenton right now. I run 431 at the Trenton YMCA. It’s for boys 11-17, though we’re looking to start a Cub Scout Pack too. The YMCA also has Girl Scouts for the young ladies of the area.

  15. Your restaurant reviews (and posting them on FB) keep giving me motivation to come down the road to Trenton (from Lawrenceville) – and also to check out the dining options you’ve been highlighting in the “suburbs”.

    How about a review of Puerto Barrios? (Their seafood soup at Taste Trenton sure was delicious!)

  16. What about Trenton’s great history sites? The Trent House, the Old Barracks, The Battle Monument, The Meredith Havens Fire Museum, even Ellarslie has a strong history component. The history park that tops Route 29 down by the Arm and Hammer Stadium. I think you need a whole page.

    1. Hey Bob, thanks for the suggestions. I’m actually kind of a fan of Firkin, so we may see a review here sooner rather than later. Barbara’s Hungarian I’m sort of sitting on the fence. My wife loves it. For me, it reminds me of visiting my grandparents’ house: not only the food, but also the “family dynamics” with the owners who are also your servers. So we’ll see. Yummy Sushi and Mykonos are now on the list to consider. We take everyone’s suggestions seriously. But there are only two of us, and we have lots of demands on our time. So it can take the better part of a year before we consider a brand new place.

  17. Jim Gordon–thanks for the suggestion! We’ve actually halfway through a review of Sunrise. We’ve done our first few visits (for breakfast) and are planning to do a lunch visit in the near future. We always try to visit a place a few times so that we can get a real sense of a place and write a thorough, thoughtful review! So glad that we’re on the same page about Sunrise, we absolutely think it’s worth including. What else would you recommend?

  18. What the heck’s wrong w/you ppl ?? I go to your page to “Like” it … click on Breakfast, then Bargain Lunch and ……. NOWHERE do i see the best place for both, Sunrise Lunchenette, on Warren St. Skipped the “Like”.

  19. There just aren’t any great Asian restaurants in Trenton — some are OK for a quick bite, but for anything close to great you gotta go out of town. There’s a new player in the larger hood, Fusion House, which if not great is very good. It is in the Lawrence Shopping Center at 2495 Brunswick Pike, and as the name might suggest serves Chinese and Japanese, with a fair smattering of Thai. I have a friend who loves fried rice, and every time he’s in town (which is often) we go so he can get his shrimp fried rice fix. It has good sushi (not mortgage-the-house great, but solidly good). Haven’t tried the Thai yet. The website is http://www.fusionhousemenu.com/. The décor is several very large steps above Chinese restaurant basic. Service is good. It isn’t cheap (and I’m really suspicious of cheap sushi…), but isn’t unreasonable for what you get. Well worth the trip a mile or so out of town.

  20. Check out Restaurant La Parilla (Guatemalan, of course) in DeLorenzo’s old location on Hamilton Avenue. Just did lunch there and it was outstanding. I had Tostadas El Pastor (3 for 6.99), and my dining partner had the Carne Asada lunch special (7.99). Lots of great food at a great price, with a warm friendly atmosphere. When we ordered, we were brought fresh tortilla chips with three salsas, a red, a Verde and a black bean, all excellent and fresh.

    1. Hey, thanks for the tip! I’m always game for a good, new Guatemalan. It may take us a few weeks, but I’ll definitely try it.

  21. You must try Button’s Creperie in the Trenton Farmer’s Market. Website is http://buttonscreperie.com/. Crepes (dessert and savory, waffles, french toast, panini and salads. We had the Sunday brunch savory crepe (roast chicken, roast vegetables and gouda) and waffle with Farmer’s Market fresh strawberries and whipped cream. Most delicious. Quite literally I haven’t had such a wondrous crepe since Paris last spring. And the little things are done just right — pleasant bistro tables and San Pellegrino aranciata and limonata (better than even orangina). A great addition to the Farmer’s Market!

  22. Trenton has missed cheesecake since the disappearance of Michelle Laurie’s. Enter; Sandy’s Cheesecakes. 1808 South Broad St, Hamilton. (609) 403-0440. Retail store with frozen cheesecakes and a “cool” atmosphere. It’s as if Starbucks sold cheesecakes. 16 different varieties including: death by chocolate, original,vanilla bean, apple walnut, peanut butter chocolate chunk and many more. Also, fried cheesecake, cheesecake pops, cheesecake bites, coffee, muffins, and warm hosts. check out the store on youtube: search sandy’s cheesecakes.

  23. You absolutely have to try Myilai Masala in Hamilton.
    It has incredible yummy South Indian cuisine (it’s all vegeratian) and is very authentic (according to many natives I know who’ve raved about it to me). The best meals are the weekend lunch buffet and the All You Can Eat Dosa night (Wednesdays). This place blows all other vegetarian offers in the area to smithereens.

  24. This is not in Trenton but is short drive from the town.
    Tsukasa is in Bordentown (about 8 miles away) and is one of the very few authentic Japanese restaurants that are run by Japanese (not Korean or Chinese – no offence to my fellow Asians but they just cannot make good Japanese dishes). A bit small and the service can be slow when it is crowded, but the food is homey and delicious. If you like Japanese food, this is better than Ajihei in Princeton, which has soooooo many restrictions that you cannot enjoy the food.
    I hope you will get to try it!


  25. Love this site! Great job. The only thing I’d ask for is a Google map of all the restaurants posted here so that when I’m in a certain area already, I can just quickly look up anything nearby you’ve reviewed.

    Editor’s comment: Ask and ye shall receive. For a start, I’ve now posted a Google Map of every restaurant in the “Restaurant Guide”. It’s not everything, but it’s a lot.

  26. You should try the tomato pies at Top Road Tavern on Brunswick Ave. in No. Trenton/St. Hedwigs area between the circle and Olden- ironically an italian specialty up in the Polish section. Don’t ask for a menu – just stick to the tomato pie w/ basic (but excellent) toppings. Oh yeah, make sure that “John” is making the pies (yes, the new owners brought him back). I believe he is on Tues-Sat evenings. Call in advance to make sure he is working!

    I have had “tomato pies” at many area establishments – including those reviewed here – and will continue to sample everyones fare as much as possible, but I find the ones at Top Road to be the most gastronomically enjoyable crispy, thin crust pies around. On a really hungry night, we’ve been known to ALMOST finish off two large pies! (Almost is capped because they will give you a box for leftovers.)

    I’ve told people about this place and have created many return customers – and unfortunately longer waits on weekends, but its worth it. There is a full-service bar on the other side from the dining room, but I think I’ve seen people BYOW and be provided glasses – unconfirmed, but I guess you can ask when you call to see if John is making! The new owners mentioned above are brothers and seem down to earth and interact with customers.

    Editor’s Comment: I tried Top Road a few years ago on someone’s recommendation, and was not impressed. Will give it another shot now that “John” is making pies.

  27. For Chinese, I would highly recommend the place inside the Food Court on State Street (between Warren and Broad Streets.) I specifcally would recommend their sweet and sour chicken that is normally served on Wednesdays. It’s not deep-fried, healthy portions and excellent customer service.

  28. It’s Wednesday night and I am sitting on the deck at Kat Man Du listening to a full line-up of acoustic original and some cover music. Quality and variety is great (folk,rock,some blues,a touch of country) about six different acts all doing four or five numbers and there is no cover. This is the third year that Lance has been organizing this every Wednesday starting at 7 pm. Kind of reminds me of Nashville’s Bluebird Cafe. And my salmon burger was good too!

  29. Btw, another great place where one can order in Spanish and pick up an (?) Ecuadorian accent is Trentini’s on South Clinton in the fabulous Roebling Market.

    One can also practice spanish at the checkout counter after sampling all sorts of flavors and textures and colors from all over the world at Food Bazaar – the only supermarket one can wander through like a tourist destination! (Again, at Roebling Market)

  30. There’s a wonderful new restaurant on the corner of Lalor and Centre Sts. It is family run and the food is authentic and reasonably priced. The name is La Familia Tropical. Check it out

  31. Simply Radishing in Lawrence Shopping Center is a must visit. It’s the Best Kept Secret of Lawrence Shopping Center. Service is fast and courteous. The food was flavorful and portions were satisfying. The prices were reasonable. Trenton residents Clifford and Tonnette Thomas are the new owners since the end of the summer. I will definitely go back. Highly recommended.

  32. Classics Bookshop at 117 Warren Street
    saved my life at least socially and culturally.

    Where else in Trenton or surrounding towns can you walk into a friendly universe of books of such variety at remarkably reasonable prices, play Scrabble, chess, and other games, attend workshops, book readings and signing, or just plain hang out with some of the most interesting people in the Northeast Corridor?

    As a recent out-of-town visitor to the Trenton film festival recently commented, “Any town that has a great bookstore full of exciting people at 10.30 on a rainy Friday night is really civilized!”

    Bravo Trenton! Bravo Classics!

    Jon Naar, author, Scrabble player, and Book-reader.

  33. I just wanted to note that one of Trenton’s hidden pleasures is the Friday night Scrabble and games group at the Classics Bookstore on South Warren Street (near the Marriot Hotel). There is an incredibly diverse and delightful group of people who congregate as much for the social experience as the pleasure of the games, and the book browsing is superb! Classics also hosts community events on a regular basis (one was a lecture/discussion on my father, Cy Walter, a noted NYC pianist/composer, and the vibrant cafe society era of which he was a part — see http://www.cywalter.com for more info).

  34. How about best local radio show? I vote for Capitol Talk with Calvin Iszard. Finally a show that covers the Capitol region and tackles issues that matter to the residents. Of course I am a little biased……

  35. Walk amongst the blue heron, the beavers busily building their dams, the occasional fox, the frogs & turtles. Roebling Park is very well hidden. Turn off of Broad onto Sewell and go down the hill at the deadend and you’ll find yourself in a lively fresh water marsh area, teaming with wild life.

    Continue your walk past Spring Lake to the uplands area, a wooded forest where you can see the stumps of the trees recently felled by beaver. Walk quietly, and you may see much more wild life. A birder’s paradise as well. If it weren’t for the roaring sound of I 95 which crosses over the marsh and spreads a whooshing sound all around, you’d think you were in the north Jersey forests. On the bluffs above the marsh is Abbott’s farm, a major camp site of the Lene Lanape.

    http://www.njn.net/community/specialinterest/turningthetide/hamilton-trenton.html is only on of the internet sites where you can find additional info, including trail guides.


  36. The aroma of spices makes you breath deeply when you enter Broad Street Imports. I think that’s the name. I’ll check it out when I go out later todqay. It’s on Broad Street near Perlstein’s Plumbing.

    If you can’t live without the occasional pinch of saffron, or want your nutmeg freshly ground, need lekvar for those poppyseed pastries, or four different kinds of raisens, or or almost any spice or flavoring you might imagine, this is the only place to come. I wish I knew the name of the proprietoress. She is very friendly and patiant. Spices are weighed with a scoop. Florings carefully poured into one or two ounce jars (when was the last time you needed rose water?). Nuts galore, which she’ll grind to your specification.

    All of this is surrounded by some excellant cookware, superb candies fancifully wrapped, bags of beans, and cans of foreign – mostly eastern european – foods. She makes excellant stuffed cabbage, which is frozen. I think she maybe the only place in Trenton that has sheep shaped butter for Easter.

    I always wind up leaving with something different to try.


  37. WOW! I’m thrilled I stumbled across your website when googling the Trenton city ordinance’s this morning.

    I thought I knew Trenton, inside out. Not so!. I only have time right now to look at the restaurant’s and I found two that are new to me. You can bet I’ll try them pretty soon.

    A possible addition: Panarama Musicale on Butler Street a couple of doors down from Italian People’s Bakery. They have a great old expresso and cappaccino machine and make both. They have 2 seats – sometimes 4 at two tiny tables.
    Most folks run in, drink the expresso down like it was a shot in a bar, and run out. The cappaccino is great, but I can’t really drink it served in a stryfoam cup. In warm weather, you’ll see folks standing outside drinking it. They don’t make their own biscotti anymore, but it sure is good.

    All this is surrounded by Italian candies and geegaws, and stuff. In the summer, they make ice cream and italian ice. Mama knows some English, but is thrilled if you speak to her in Italian. Give it a try.

    Oh, it’s a trip to see the recent changes. Most of the players/patrons/whatever used to be Italian. Today the majority seem to be Guatamalan, Dominican, and other spanish speaking ethnic groups.



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