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  1. Note that as of September 2019 the trails are completely overgrown with brambles. Access to the ledge is restricted with no trespassing signs everywhere. The signs say this is because of the law enforcement firing range at the base of the ledge.

  2. Back in the 60’s & early 70’s there was a Boy Scout Camp somewhere in that area. It was used by the troops that were part of the George Washington Council. Anyone remember exactly where it was located?

    1. Rex S is exactly right. If you go on the Hidden Trenton website and search for “Goat Hill”, you’ll find two reviews: one for the maintained trails there (beautiful, perfect for kids) and one for bushwhacking (with a GR series map that turns your smartphone into a GPS). If you bushwhack, you’ll tun into the odd remains of the boy scout camp

  3. My wife and I were going to try the Switchback Trail today on Baldpate Mtn but it was closed for Deer Management. So instead we hiked up Belle Mtn at your suggestion. We went straight up on what you call the Side Slop and then the Ridge Trail. We then bush wacked as far as we could go to what I think was the Ledge on our right and a closed parking lot below us on our left. I don’t think we made it to your Ledge as we weren’t on any narrow trails with a drop off on either side.

    We then headed back down to the right on what I assume was your “Bunny Hill” and “Main Ski Slope” and then cut back on your “Short Cut” under the small hand held ski lift.

    I don’t think we made it to you “Ledge”. Any further hints? The total hike was about 50 mins.

    Thanks for letting us all know about this area.
    Editor’s Comment: I’ve been back a few times since I wrote the review. The “ridge trail” can, at times, be indistinct. There are also often two paths, one lower, one higher. That said, if you take one of the lesser paths you can run into dead ends. Often the paralleling alternate is only a few feet away, and you’ll see faint tracks up or down to merge back with it. It sounds like you were close to the “ledge” but certainly you would know it if you got there. It’s on top of an quarry face, and the drop is straight down on the south side.

    The key to tracking the ridge trail is that it roughly parallels the river/29. With the leaves down you’ll see the road off your right shoulder. There ARE definitely paths through the brush, you just have to find them. Then you get to a point where the N-S ridge ends. The ledge is off to the right, now following a ridge that is taking you towards the river/29.

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