Our Team

Hidden Trenton opened its doors (err… went live on the Internet) in February of 2007.  It was founded by the Trenton resident we call “The MillMan”.  Now, the identity of this website’s founder isn’t a huge secret (you can probably figure it out if you look hard enough), but we’ve never wanted people to know we’re from Hidden Trenton when we walk through the door.

(Note to world:  anyone who brags about their affiliation with Hidden Trenton, probably isn’t.  It’s not that we never reveal ourselves, but we try to keep a pretty low profile.)

HT’s founder is a Baby Boomer who grew up in northern NJ.  He has lived in NYC (14 years), Boston, Providence, and London before finding his way to Princeton in 1994, and then Trenton in 2003.  He develops real-estate in town, and lives with his wife in the Mill Hill section.  They have one son, who’s now living in NYC (and was second oar, above).  MillMan’s an avid hiker and fly-fisherman, and has been known to ride a bicycle from time to time.

Thanks for the Memories, VegInCity!

Adam ImmerwahrVeginCity, whom we can now reveal is Adam Immerwahr, made an immediate contribution to Hidden Trenton from the moment he joined our team in December, 2014:  helping us redesign the website, revitalizing our FaceBook presence, broadening our review base, and bringing his incredible intelligence, food sensibility, and energy to Hidden Trenton.  We’ll miss him.

Adam’s career has taken him to Washington, DC as Artistic Director of Theatre J.  We wish him the best, and can’t wait until he’s running all of the American theatre (he’s that good)!  In the meantime, we hope for the occasional cameo appearance back on this site.

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