Bread and Circus Training (Trenton Circus Squad)

Trenton Circus Squad, 675 S Clinton Ave, Trenton, NJ
After school program during school year, plus summer session. Call for details.
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Special notes for parents
Children and teens aged 6+ are invited to Trenton Circus Squad workshops free of charge. There they can learn circus skills such as stilt walking, trapeze, juggling, acrobatics and slapstick from Squad members and staff.

Children aged 12+ have the option to “join the squad” — committing to a regular program of circus training. They learn circus skills and put together an act, and are expected to volunteer to teach others and perform at community events.

Open to residents of both the City of Trenton and nearby suburbs.

Trenton Circus Squad is a truly remarkable organization located in the historic (and extremely photogenic) Roebling Machine Shop, adjoining Roebling Market.  Kids aged 6-18 are eligible to take free classes in circus arts:  riding a unicycle, walking on stilts, juggling, wire walking, acrobatics, trapeze, slapstick comedy, human pyramids, German wheel and mini-trampoline.

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The squad also offers skill sessions for adults from time to time (check the website calendar for details).  But the heart of the organization’s program targets kids.

Kids of any age (6-18) can “join the circus” to attend individual workshops.  Kids 12+ are eligible to “join the squad”, which is a long term commitment.  They acquire deeper skills and “put together an act”.  In return, they are expected to teach other children the skills they’ve acquired, plus give back to the community by performing in community events.

Why circus?  To start, kids love circus performing.  But more than that, they learn life skills:  how to work hard at something; teamwork, discipline, communications, and much more.

circus squad aerial silk lessonThe program is open to residents of both Trenton and nearby suburbs. Circus squad is one of the few programs that supports economic diversity, breaking down stereotypes in both directions. The circus squad does not charge, so that all youth have equal access to their program, regardless of their ability to pay.  Parents are encouraged to donate what they can or help raise money: we’ve attended a Circus Squad fundraiser, and the parents are extremely effective advocates for the organization.

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