13 thoughts on “Jail Break(fast) and Lunch Too!”

  1. My office is planning another outing to have lunch at the Mates Inn. The price is right, the food is excellent and the service was terrific! This is a wonderful service that the Department of Corrections staff has provided to the community. We need more of these types of restaurants to help change lives. I hope these young people go places with this fresh start to their lives.

  2. In response to Tom Pyle’s inquiry, the editor is correct. The campus was the girls’s reform school. My mother taught there – her first job out of college in the auspicious year of 1929.

  3. I was on the DOC Administrative Campus yesterday to get an ID for religious volunteer work for which I have been approved. The campus looks like an old school, complete with a chapel building. What was that campus used for before it was DOC?

    Editor’s comment. Someone told me it was the Girl’s “reform school” in the old days.

  4. I loved everything about Mate’s Inn!! It truly is an amazing gem that is hidden in Trenton. My husband and two boys’ enjoyed the genuinely nice host, waiter, and chiefs.
    I was a little skeptical about going into a Corrections facility, but I was pleasantly surprised. The restaurant itself was very well maintained and inviting, from the welcoming outdoor carpet to the immaculately clean bathrooms and dining area. The staff was also amazing. They were all very respectful and sweet.. And to top it all off the food was amazing!! 5 stars from us!!!

  5. I went to the Mate’s Inn today, for the first time, with several co-workers. Lunch was excellent and *very* reasonably priced (the total for five people, with five entrees and two desserts, was approximately $35). I look forward to my next visit! It may be my new favorite lunch spot in Trenton.

  6. March 14, 2012
    Enjoyed a wonderful lunch today with friends from work, and what’s better than good food and good company? The food was very good, service good and workers were very polite and helpful. This is a hidden treasure in Trenton, NJ. What a wonderful opportunity for these young men to gain knowledge needed to re-enter society in a fulfilling capacity.
    Thank you and we will be back-especially for the amazing Weiner Schnitzel!

  7. I had lunch at the Mate’s Inn last week with my girlfriend. My breaded flounder was superb. It was a large, thick fillet that was perfectly cooked, with a tasty breading. I passed on the french fries that came with it and substituted excellent mashed potatoes and OK string beans, at no extra charge. All this and an iced tea for $6! My girlfriend had a very nice steak salad–tasty pieces of grilled staek on top of a huge salad. I’m surprised more people don’t eat there.

  8. I was an actual inmate that work there.I worked there back in 09 for a 3-4 months and i enjoyed myself.hah I was getting paid 3.75 and hour for 8 hour shifts.The food is really good thought.

  9. Ok-looking forward to a meal @ this place. Of course, I found out about it for obvoius reasons. I just want to say “thank you” to DOC for offering this opportunity to young offenders who made a wrong turn in the road and at least are re-building self-worth and preparing for their new life once released.

  10. I’ve been to Mates Inn a few times and wish I could get the weekly menus by email (hint, hint). When the food at Mates Inn is good it’s quite good, especially the soup of the day, usually garnished with fresh herbs and a lot of butter.
    Starbucks has in fact infiltrated one of our humble delis on Broad Street, keeping a low profile lest Cafe Ole turn out in arms.
    Watch out! We support our local business!

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