8 thoughts on “Real Food, for the Rest of Us”

  1. during my last visit to the meat department it was 91 – 93 degrees outside so of course I was sleeveless but my goosebumps was so uncomfortable I could not continue my selection why is it so cold in there the butchers were wearing flannel shirts and hoodies with the hood up. I needed to leave the meat department select a few more items and then go back. your meat Department has great cuts of meat but I dread having to go in there because of the cold

  2. the this store is great my only problem and it is a big problem I could not get anyone to understand me when I’m asking for direction for any itemit is very very frustrating and it happens every single time I could never get anyone to help me find an item

  3. it is great for the selection of hard to find things, but i found they did raise the prices on certain things during the snow storms. i feel like prices on certain things are higher in general and it gives me the impression that they are taking advantage of the fact that there is no where else to go unless you drive. also it is sometimes difficult to communicate with the staff and they need to open more registers when it gets busy. people get irritable when they have to wait for a half hour to check out 5 items.

  4. The best thing about food baazar is the seafood section and the jamican food section. The fresh fruits and vegetables are ok priced but are higher than shoprite or acme. The majority of the food prices I believe are priced higher because the grocery store in in the hood so the raise the prices because most inter city poor people can walk there to use their food stamps. I will continue to only buy my fresh seafood and jamican food. MAIN ISSUE:higher some one WHO SPEAKS ENGLISH…

  5. It’s wonderful, it’severything you say, and the produce is remarkably cheap and fresh. But it is the NOISIEST place you can imagine.

    I go in with a list so that I don’t have to spend more time there then necessary,

  6. Thanks for the blogreport. I just got the mailer from food bazaar and seems like they are here to set a real fight to Princetonian price. I am going to check out the store this weekend.

  7. Food bazaar is clean and has everything you could need. Their prices are fair, and the sale prices are just as good as the big chain stores. The staff is helpful. What more can you ask?

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