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Selective Bargains (Aldi)

Aldi is a German retailer which operates some 1,500 stores in the US (who knew? I certainly didn’t). Stores provide limited selections of carefully tested merchandise at rock-bottom prices: private labeled or off-brand staples, plus an ever-changing range of close-out items. Many target a low-income consumer, but sprinkled in are some exceptional quality items at fabulous prices.

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It’s a Small World (Small World Coffee)

If you like to drink your coffee in a hip, buzzing cafe, then you may need to head over to Princeton. There, you’ll find one of our favorite coffee shops, Small World Coffee. Small World is a Princeton fixture (in fact, there are actually two of them, one on Nassau and one on Witherspoon, though … Continue reading It’s a Small World

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Greening the Parking Lot (Greenwood Ave Farmers Market)

Trenton (and its surrounding environs) has a lot of terrific places to get food, from the in-town grocery stores (Food Bazaar and Supreme) to the official Trenton Farmers Market (technically not in Trenton) and the many many many specialty vendors. But it remains a town with so-called “food deserts” (places that lack access to fresh … Continue reading Greening the Parking Lot

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