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Restaurants which principally feature burgers or sandwiches, though they may have a limited selection of other items on the menu. Includes burger joints, hoagie shops, sandwich shops.

Deli-cate Offerings (City Deli)

City Deli is a somewhat misleading name for a small restaurant near the statehouse that is serving up an ambitious, home-cooked, vegetarian-friendly menu.  If you’re a carnivore, don’t let the veggie-friendly tag get in the way: you’ll find plenty to eat, too. Indeed the menu is astonishingly broad, ranging from the best salad bar in … Continue reading Deli-cate Offerings

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Non-Chain Chain Burger (Five Guys Burgers and Fries)

Five Guys serves an outstanding burger and fries. The fact that it’s a chain, and in Ewing, made me hesitate to add it to “Hidden Trenton”. Then, I ate my first sample. The burgers and fries are that good. I consider Five Guys a non-chain, chain (harkening to Watergate’s non-denial, denial): it’s thriving because the food is really good (if in this case, not good for you), not just fast or convenient.

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Cheese Steak Trenton Style (Pete's Steak House)

There’s something about a grilled steak with melted cheese on a torpedo roll that satisfies any carnivore’s cravings. Surprisingly, it’s not sandwich that was popular outside of the lower Delaware Valley until Philly marketed its version to the rest of the world. Now most of the world thinks of the “Philly Cheese Steak”. However, there is a Trenton variant that is authentic and delicious in its own right.

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