Better than Greek Average (Cafe Chorba)

Cafe Chorba, 53 East Trenton Ave, Morrisville, PA
Open 7 days, 7 AM to 3 PM
267-797-5098   Website    Google Maps

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Cafe Chorba’s owners are a husband and wife team: she’s Italian, and he’s Turkish. So if you average the longitude and latitude of their birthplaces, you’re likely somewhere in Greece. Which seems appropriate, since the food at Chorba’s is similar to a Greek diner, only better. But no more expensive.

Florentine OmeletTake the “Florentine Omelet”. This is an omelet made with spinach and feta. It’s found in a lot of diners, and most of them serve eggs with a smattering of frozen spinach blended into the egg custard. Not at Chorba’s: here it’s healthy serving of fresh, baby spinach lightly sauteed before being folded in the center of the omelet. It’s like getting a side of well prepared spinach with your eggs and much better than you’ll find in almost any “Greek diner”. By the way, the home fries are superb as well. And (in October of 2015), the omelet, home fries and toast cost only $7.50; no more than typical diner prices, and cheaper than many.

Chorba’s is open every day of the week for breakfast and lunch. Any egg dish or breakfast item on the menu can be ordered all day (though some bargain breakfast specials aren’t served past 11 AM). It’s pretty much what you expect from a diner menu, sans the dinner entrees.

In addition to the typical eggs, pancakes, and french toast on the breakfast menu, the lunch menu includes soups, salads, burgers, and sandwiches (including wraps, hoagies, paninis, and triple deckers). Ovo-lacto vegetarians will find a fair number of items on the menu including many breakfast items, some vegetarian salads (though most salads are made with meat), and a vegetable wrap.

Carnivores are well served with burgers, cheese steaks, and even Trenton pork roll. Pictured in the header is “Deanna’s Burger”, made with cheddar cheese, bacon, and a dollop of BBQ sauce. It’s a 1/3 lbs. angus beef patty (probably frozen), but cooked to order on a char-broil grill (you can upgrade to 1/2 lbs if you’re so inclined). It comes with a small side of cole slaw. More than a little greasy, but VERY tasty. The fries are frozen, but pretty good. Overall, better than you’ll get at most diners.

Service is friendly and competent. If you’re in a hurry or by yourself, you can sit at the counter. The restaurant is functionally a diner, but more handsome than most.

cafe chorbaChorba’s is located in the same strip mall as the Morrisville Garden Farm Market and Jahan Kabab and Grill. It’s tucked away in the back of an alley, so a little hard to find. It’s worth looking for.

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