Italian Omelet

Comfort Food, Broadly Defined (Broad Street Diner)

Broad Street Diner, 2654 S Broad St, Hamilton, NJ
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(Covid Update Dec 2021 – in business) Old timers will remember this location as Maneta’s Diner.  My wife and I discovered it in the late 1990s, and for a while it was our “go to” Sunday omelet joint.  Then we got sick of putting up with the cigarette smoke (this was before NJ’s indoor smoking bans).  We stopped going, and never thought to return when the smoking laws changed.  Our loss.

Broad Street DinerThe rechristened Broad Street Diner, now thankfully smoke-free, is a superb diner and a great place to get breakfast.  Frankly, I haven’t tried their dinner foods, but if it’s as good as their breakfasts, it will be great.

My son and I showed up recently (June 2015) to sample their breakfast wares.  I ordered an “Italian Omelet” without green peppers (but with Italian sausage, mushrooms, and mozzarella cheese), and home fries, fried crispy.  You can see in the header photo that my omelet showed up superbly cooked, with full flavor sausage and fresh mushrooms.  And, indeed, the home fries were nicely browned.  Even more remarkably, our waitress, who was attentive in a useful way, noticed that the kitchen had kept in the green peppers, contrary to our request.  She whisked my plate away, and returned in about 3 minutes with the corrected order.  Add-in that our waitress was funny as well as efficient, and I would say we received some of the best service I’ve ever gotten in a diner.

short stackMy son added a short stack to his order, which he reported was delicious.

Prices were extremely reasonable.  The decor is definitely NJ diner, but nice for it’s type.

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