7 thoughts on “Feed an Army of One”

  1. I went to Pat’s after reading this article a while back. I was overall disappointed with my visit. There were nice portions and the food was overall okay. (It might have caused indigestion but I can’t recall) I just recall that I was stepping on grease and french fries during my visit and the bathroom was not kept well and rather cramped. If I had gone to the bathroom at the start of my visit I would have not eaten at Pat’s.

    I also found that regular customers were given more attention than me and my date because that was our first time there. Although it’s understandable because the regulars bring in more business, it felt a little rude.

    I would prefer paying the two more dollars per meal to eat at Broad Street Diner up the road.

  2. Love Pat’s!! Go there every Sunday Morning!! Food is great comfort food!!

    The girls are great and they treat you like family!

    I went there with my dad who visited for a weekend and they did everything and anything possible to accommodate him. Love the service and these women have been here for years serving everyone and ALWAYS GET YOUR ORDER RIGHT.

    Yeah maybe there can be a grouch but can you blame a woman for being on her feet for 12 hrs… I don’t think so!!

  3. Love Pat’s diner! It’s good, basic diner food at a reasonable price! I just cac’t figure out why it always gives me the shits!

  4. The night time host is an unfriendly grouch. His presence spoils an otherwise ok place to eat. I decieded never to go back.

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