Dinner at the Weekend House (Blooming Grove Inn)

Blooming Grove Inn, 234 W Upper Ferry Rd, West Trenton, NJ
Closed Mondays, open for lunch T-F, 11AM-3PM, dinner T-Su, 5PM-10PM
(609) 882-1150   Website    Google Maps

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(Covid Update Dec 2021 – in business) Sneak away to the Blooming Grove Inn, especially on a summer’s evening sitting on the terrace, and you can feel for a moment like you’ve borrowed your friend’s country house, and are enjoying a weekend away from it all.

This restaurant used to be called Paulie’s Anna Rose Inn, but it changed hands in 2014, and has been comprehensively renovated. The menu has transitioned from an old-line Italian eatery, to farm-to-table, upscale dining. The website mentions plans to raise produce in the back yard.

This joint was pricy as Paulie’s, and even more expensive as the Blooming Grove Inn. You can find a $20 entree if you look hard enough on the dinner menu, but most are $26-34. We haven’t eaten here yet, and will endeavor to do so this spring. The lunch menu is much less ambitious, but also much cheaper.

For now, we’ve kept the listing, because this place for us has always been about the location, and that’s still gorgeous. We’ll let you know if the food has gotten any better once we’ve checked it out.

Three-chairs decor rating applies to outdoor dining. Indoor dining is two-chairs.

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