Marley’s Ghost (Hummingbird Restaurant)

Hummingbird Restaurant, 29 S Warren, Trenton, NJ
Open weekdays only, 11 AM-8 PM
(609) 278-9555   Website    Google Maps

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(Covid Update Dec 2021 – in business) Dickens? No, Bob. The Hummingbird is a Jamaican restaurant downtown in the Warren Street revival area. And just as any decent Italian eatery in the ‘Burg used to have a photo of Frank Sinatra on the wall, the Hummingbird celebrates Bob Marley with a large poster in the dining room. Something of Marley’s spirit seems to inhabit the place, which has great food and a pleasant atmosphere.

The menu is simple: Jerk Chicken, goat or chicken curry, BBQ ribs, and several types of fish. Also, chicken wings, and so-called meat pies, which, in the English style, are filled more with thick brown gravy than anything resembling actual meat. You can also get a lunch-salad topped with cold pieces of jerk chicken.

The jerk chicken is superb. It tastes like it’s been grilled over charcoal, and is fiery hot, with strong overtones of cloves and allspice. It comes in 3 sizes. The larger sizes come with a choice of white rice or rice and beans, and a choice of side (the mac and cheese is strongly recommended).

The Hummingbird is mostly a take-out place, and there is no table service. However, the staff behind the counter in back is friendly and competent, and there are a number of tables scattered about the pleasant if slightly austere dining area.

The Hummingbird occupies a space that has seen a succession of restaurants over the last decade, some decent, some pretty bad. The Hummingbird seems to be doing well, however. Visiting it yesterday around 2:15, a time when most downtown Trenton eateries are empty, the Hummingbird was still bustling.

We wish them well, because the Hummingbird is a great addition to your downtown eating choices.

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7 thoughts on “Marley’s Ghost”

  1. The food is good. The portion sizes are decent for the price. That said, the service is POOR. I ALWAYS call ahead so I’m not waiting there for 20-30minutes. I have heard similar stories of botched orders and long delays. One day the cashier was non-chalantly digging in her ear as she processed my order. [HYGIENE]
    I love my bro’s and sisters but I have found over the years that Jamaicans have THE worst customer service when it comes to food. (Third world service with 1st world prices!!)

    If you eat there, call ahead

  2. The best place to eat in Treton, hands down!!! I recommend the oxtail, whit rice, and mac n’ chesse… Try a taste of Jamaica. I rate it a 10!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. humming birds food is ok….it isnt the best although the chicken soup and macaroni and cheese are best. One stop Jamican food and store on brunswick ave is number one in my book

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