One thought on “Good Morning, Sunshine”

  1. I’m quite fond of Sunrise, particularly for breakfast. However, pointers might be helpful. First, and of most importance, ignore the menu for breakfast. I have an absolutely marvelous low carb breakfast consisting of an omelet with fresh spinach and feta cheese, grilled tomato slices and a couple of strips of bacon. Sometimes I have the eggs scrambled or over easy with sautéed spinach on the side (with grilled tomato slices and bacon or sausage). None of this is on the menu. Second, for lunch ignore the printed menu and look instead to the chalk board. In summer the gazpacho is very good, grilled cheese with pesto is wonderful, etc. The printed menu is fairly conventional; the chalk board listings are much more adventurous and interesting. Third, visit with the proprietor up front, Moliere (first name, not last). If not all, many things are possible. And if you find something you like (such as grilled tomatoes, bacon and a spinach and feta omelet), it will just start appearing when you sit down without even having to order. What more could you ask for?

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