33 thoughts on “The Bagels Are Back”

  1. I know it’ll never happen but I’d love love love for a Starbucks to open downtown. With café ole closed. There’s no good coffee down here. Please don’t say Dunkin donuts.

    1. Actually, there is a dearth of traditional “brunch” options in town at all! We’ve been to Chencha y Chole and El Potrillo a few times for brunch, and those are pretty fun! But definitely not traditional American brunch.

  2. The bagels at the supermarket and at DD are just big rolls. These sound authentic…the only other place I’d go is NY Bagels in Ewing. Glad to have a Trenton based joint to go to now!

  3. We need a Walmart! Also, find a way to turn over those abandoned buildings to some big NJ corporations and have them turn them into tourist/school trip attractions. Part history, part self-promotion. Some companies could tell their OWN story, like Lenox, J&J, etc. The attractions should be interactive – like Crayola or Hershey Factories. Before ANY revitalization can occur, Trenton needs to put some COPS out on the streets and sidewalks – a VISIBLE police presence.

    1. Hidden Trenton With all the coffee available on Warren St. you think one of the cops would report the traffic light out? Or hey, brain fart, maybe we might get a traffic cop!

    2. I know they exist because I see their SUVs parked on Warren and Lafayette Streets while they’re in having coffee. You take your life in your hands trying to cross the street. Yield to pedestrians in the crosswalk? HAHAhahaha…

  4. Have been to the shop a few times now and love their bagels. Try a bagel with jalapeno cheddar cream cheese and bacon. Sounds weird but just do it.

    My only complaint is that I went for lunch last week and ordered a basic sandwich on a bagel. Whereas the bagel was still excellent, the lunch meat, lettuce and tomato had seen better days. Stick to a bagel and skip the sandwich.

    I also don’t know that they do their baking on premises. During a 6:15 am jog I saw them unloading bags of bagels from the back of a station wagon. A bunch of things could explain this though – maybe they were baked in the Clinton store!

    Glad to have it and will keep going back!

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