Trenton’s Best Hogie? (Chiarello's Hamilton Food Market)

Chiarello's Hamilton Food Market, 1624 Hamilton Ave, Hamilton, NJ

(609) 586-8339   Website    Google Maps

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Chiarello’s delivers greater-Trenton’s iconic hoagie sandwich (submarine to those of you from northern NJ; hero, if you’re from NYC; grinder if from Boston).

  1. First quality, fresh, crusty Italian bread
  2. Ample meat fillings
  3. Plenty of fresh veggie fillings
  4. Good quality condiments

The “half” is enough food for two hungry normal people; even the heartiest-eating teenage male will have trouble finishing one. The “stick” which is made from an entire 24″ Italian loaf will feed 4-6 normal folks, and is a great value.

At busy times, e.g. on weekends during football season, you might want to call ahead. As the market is located just over the Trenton-Hamilton border, we rate it “in town”.

Note: Sandwiches are take out only. There’s really no place to sit down inside.

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