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Restaurants that feature food “to go” or in a food court, or focus on pizza by the slice instead of whole pies.

Man Bites Dog (Captain Paul's Firehouse Dogs)

Captain Paul’s proves that inventive entrepreneurs can make a go of even unlikely business concepts. Take the hot dog. Many spurn it as an overly processed, heavily salted, highly fatted anachronism. American cuisine at its worst. One of the culprits (though perhaps not the primary one) in a cuisine that has achieved the highest rate … Continue reading Man Bites Dog

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Train Noshing (Pizza Grill at the Trenton Train Station)

Pizza Grill is located on the Walnut Avenue end of the station… It’s actually a very pleasant location with 20 foot ceilings and light streaming in from floor to ceiling windows. The food selection is impressive. There’s pizza by the slice: plain, pepperoni, and usually 3 or 4 other “gourmet” variations. Not the best “tomato pie” in Trenton, but much better than the typical pizza joint in town. Hoagies, burgers, cheesesteaks, salads, chicken wings/tenders, and panini. It’s all made on site and decent quality. Prices are reasonable, given the location.

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Non-Chain Chain Burger (Five Guys Burgers and Fries)

Five Guys serves an outstanding burger and fries. The fact that it’s a chain, and in Ewing, made me hesitate to add it to “Hidden Trenton”. Then, I ate my first sample. The burgers and fries are that good. I consider Five Guys a non-chain, chain (harkening to Watergate’s non-denial, denial): it’s thriving because the food is really good (if in this case, not good for you), not just fast or convenient.

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