5 thoughts on “Post-Modern Cycles and Service”

  1. I have been dealing with Knapps for several years. I started there as a novice and they educated me on what was good and why. Their staff is top rate. They tell me when it’s better to buy something on Ebay and when not to. And like any avid cyclist, I have learned a lot over the years and they did not take advantage of me when I knew nothing. A great group over all and the owner Pete, is good people.

  2. Pete is NOT an a hole. You couldn’t be further from the truth. Knapp’s is a very professional shop with a top notch staff. What’s a ‘wanna bike rider’? Well anyway…I have been shopping at Knapp’s for 15+ yrs and will continue to do so for all my bike needs.

  3. Truly an awful experience at Knapp’s. They DO NOT cater to the avid cyclist, they’re a bunch of wanna bike riders looking to rip off the customers that have no idea what they are looking at. I would not deal with the owner, Peter Granich is my life depended on it, he is such an Ahole how he treats his customers. I scheduled a performance fit only to wait 3hrs for him to not show up, very unprofessional!!!!

    Editor’s comment:  Certainly not my experience at Knapp’s, but anything’s possible.

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