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  1. Marge Miccio–On your advice, I reached out to Honey Brook and asked why they were no longer delivering to Trenton. Here’s what they said: “we need at least the equivalent of 20 full box members for a site to be economically viable for us; we haven’t reached that goal in Trenton since 2012, so the past two seasons we have been delivering at an economic loss to the farm. In the past, we have sent emails to Trenton Boxed Share members asking them to help us “spread the word”, but it did not result in a significant enough number of new members to make up for the members we had lost at Trenton. Another factor is that several former Trenton members chose to become members of the farm at our Chesterfield location.”

  2. Just wondering why you didn’t ask Honey Brook why they stopped delivering to Trenton after 10 years, before you posted this endorsement. Promoting businesses that treat Trenton with fear and disdain seems counter to your purpose.

  3. Marge Miccio–None of the Hidden Trenton editors know why they stopped delivering to Trenton. We’re all Trentonians, and one of us had been using the boxed share delivery, and another had been driving up to Pennington for the pickup. When we reposted this review, we focused it on the Pennington option (since that’s all that is available at the moment). We certainly think it’s still a great bargain, a great option for Trentonians, and a wonderful way to get organic produce. Sure, some people might have preferred the delivery, but at Hidden Trenton we try to focus on the positive side of things.

  4. They deliver to these communitie$$$, but not to Trenton: Basking Ridge, Bernardsville, Brick, Collingswood, Cranbury, Fair Haven, Flemington, Griggstown, Hillsborough, Highland Park, Lambertville, Lincroft, Maplewood, Medford, Metuchen, Middletown, Monroe Township, Moorestown, Morristown, Neptune, Ocean, Pennington, Princeton, Princeton Junction (West Windsor), Shrewsbury, Somerville, South Orange, Spring Lake Heights & Summit

  5. It’s also possible that the person who coordinated the Trenton deliveries for many years decided not to do it any more. I’m not saying she did, or didn’t, just to say that there are many possible explanations, and none of us really knows. So you have to judge the value of the offering for what it is, and it’s still clearly a bargain if you have the right life style and have access to a car.

  6. My neighborhood supported Honey Brook for ten years, many neighbors purchased shares, but this year we were told they won’t deliver here any more -certainly not due to lack of demand. I wouldn’t consider them to be a “friend” of Trenton.

  7. Unfortunately, we were recently advised that they will no longer be making deliveries to Trenton.

    [EDITOR: Thanks for the note, Judy. I’ve heard the same thing. I’ll update this post shortly with more information about their current drop-off locations, as well as other details about picking up in either Pennington or Chesterfield. -VegInCity]

  8. There are individual and family shares. The family share is the 600 dollar one, the individual share to pick up at Pennington works out to just under 15 dollars a week.

  9. I have a share with the farm. If you can make time to visit the farm
    once a week (you pick the day) it’s a more user friendly experience. All the produce is clearly labeled and the farm website even provides helpful recipes. Some stuff is unusual but it’s a good way to get out of a produce rut. I think you’re missing out if you don’t come there and pick your own as you get a lot of extra items
    that way. It’s a great value and eating locally is just as important as eating
    organically I believe.

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