One thought on “A Hoarder’s Rock-and-Roll Cave”

  1. “but Mary was clear–it was her or the stuff”..

    I had a woman like that once…

    no woman (or man) is worth the compromise of your life’s collection which is by no means merely ‘stuff’ yet the collective representation of your life’s passion, hopes, vision,dreams and experiences.

    and therefor an extension of your soul (i don’t mean the containers (i.e. records,books,candy wrappers,dvd’s etc) necessarily which hold the music,literature,films or confectionery delights but the spirit within the creations themselves which is your bond and definition ,the inspiration and connection between artist and fan.

    when it comes to the man-cave collection this your soul laid bare.if your partner wants you to sacrifice and change then they aren’t your partner,they are your oppressor.and that is not love.

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