It’s a Small World (Small World Coffee)

Small World Coffee, 14 Witherspoon Street, Princeton, NJ
M-Th (6:30AM-10PM), F-Sa (6:30AM-11PM), Su (7AM-10PM)
(609) 924-4377 x2   Website    Google Maps

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The view from the ever-present line for the register. Don't worry, they move quick.
The view from the ever-present line for the register. Don’t worry, they move quick.

If you like to drink your coffee in a hip, buzzing cafe, then you may need to head over to Princeton. There, you’ll find one of our favorite coffee shops, Small World Coffee.

Small World is a Princeton fixture (in fact, there are actually two of them, one on Nassau and one on Witherspoon, though we prefer the Witherspoon location). Whenever we need to have a meeting in Princeton, Small World is our go-to spot.

The beans to go
The beans to go

This coffee shop isn’t as saccharine as many are. The staff is quick and brusk, and they need to be in order to get through the constant line at the place. Small World isn’t the joint to get frozen blended drinks, or sickeningly sweet confections that have a bit of espresso in them (in fact, they don’t even offer these on the menu). But if you want a great cup of joe, or a simple latte or tea, you’ll be very happy. This coffee is a good step above what you can get at Starbucks (around the corner) and for basically the same price. The beans are roasted locally (four miles up the road, at Small World Roasters) and they have a variety of blends that they rotate through. You can also order a selection of herbal teas, a terrific herbal iced tea (the “scarlet iced tea,” which you can also have mixed with lemonade as an “arnold palmer”), wonderful Terhune apple cider in the summer (cold in the summer, warm in the winter), and a “tough chai” that will clear out your sinuses and put hair on your chest.  If you order “to stay” you’ll get served your beverage in a real mug (or teacup), which is a nice touch.

The blueberry muffin
The blueberry muffin

Small World also offers food, including a variety of muffins, brownies, and parfaits, as well as some pre-prepared sandwiches and salads. Their best bakery item is their blueberry muffins–which we believe to be the paragon of blueberry muffin-hood. They’re baked by a woman in Morrisville, and are delivered every morning except for Mondays. The blueberry : batter ratio is ideal, so you get juicy, bursting mouthfuls of blueberries with every bite. The muffins are tender and light, and coated with a blissfully crunchy sugar glaze. They are worth the drive from Trenton alone. Go early, they sell out first.

The blueberry : batter ratio is superb.
The blueberry : batter ratio is superb.

Small World also sells their roasted coffee bean blends by the pound. At the office where I work, this is our preferred bean. We recommend them highly, particularly the “grumpy monkey” blend which is nicely acidic.

There are lots of tables and so even when it is packed you can usually find somewhere to sit.  Most weekend evenings, they have live music, usually local.  Small World has wifi, which is free for an hour with the purchase of a beverage. Be warned, it is cash only.

Of course, if you want to stick to Trenton, you can get great coffee from this guy (if you can find him), or you can drink his brews at Championship Sports Bar & Grill. But if you need to meet someone in Princeton, Small World is the place to go.

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