4 thoughts on “Just Peachy”

  1. I hear you about the croissants at The Gingered Peach. After interviewing Joanne and hearing how long it took her to really perfect her croissants(3 years), I too, was disappointed…initially. One day I was playing hooky from church and found myself in the vicinity of The Gingered Peach. Anyway, I ended up deciding to get the plain croissant. I didn’t any high hopes, I was just trying not to veer to far off the diet. Hopped in the car and continued my journey. I shoved my hand into the bag since I knew what to expect I didn’t think it warranted my full attention. Baby….this hit the spot. It was so warm and so flaky and so buttery. I almost hit a tree. I couldn’t figure out what the difference was. I realized something interesting is that timing is everything when it comes to croissants. Although Joanne staggers her cooking of her croissants, if you don’t get them while they are fresh(say 30 minutes max) they can fall a little flat but are still better than anything at “Shop Wrong” any day. I went at 10am this last time so I would say try them a little earlier. Just sayin’.

  2. Gingered peach is spectacular! Not sure where the author was going on the croissants- they are as good as anything you could find in nyc!

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