4 thoughts on “Bakery a la Polonia”

  1. This morning I bay couple sandwiches with ham , I was VERY DYSOPINTMENT the was 2!!!!! Very thin slice ham and 1!!! Very thin slice cucumber- summmer time – cucumber it’s all over . Never again , I can’t imagine constactions mans have lancz like that !!!

    1. I’ve never had their sandwiches. There bread and baked goods were what I rated them for, and as far as I know are still good.

  2. Hi everyone! Just to let you know that I go often to the Europa Bakery between days and their products and Bread are outstanding. Realy love the Criossants and the other breads or Bulki how is called.

    Best wishes and thanks for having so many great European products in this area.

  3. Try the seeded rye bread — it can be sliced quite thin the day after you buy it & makes any sandwich better — rare roast beef with horseradish is perfect on this bread. Also excellent toasted & slathered with good sweet butter and/or honey!

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